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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey hockey hockey!

We Sharks fans be smokin' some good shit--want to join in the shared hallucination?

Well, last night didn't feel like one long penalty kill, but it was nerve-wracking, especially towards the end given what happened the last time. The Sharks keep improving which really makes me happy. I'm getting slightly used to the good first periods, but more of it is starting to creep into the second and third periods as well.

There's still a lot to improve, of course. We are by no means a team that can jack off for 50 minutes, play for 10, and win a game. *glares at that dirty, dirty team that does* The Sharks have to play a whole game and play it well for the talent that we do have.

Overall, I'm glad that we lost so ickily to Dallas because I think it gave a big kick in the ass and I don't think we'd have beaten the Canucks, the Avs and the Wings in a row if that hadn't happened.

Ronning an Isle. Blah. Peca. Blah. Although I did enjoy him and Alfie messing it up, heh heh.

JS punched Kobasew(?) during the Flames game! And then he pretty much immediately did his strange skate in circle, look up at scoreboard, raise stick to mask thing perfectly calmly. He's done that after slamming his stick and breaking it, too, raising the broken stick to his mask. Maybe it's his anger management ritual. :)

I caught part of Stars/Canucks, and it was a great game! Really exciting and lots of emotion from both sides. And I swear, Brendan Morrison has eyebrows most actresses and models would fucking kill for. So perfectly sculpted.

To me, the Canucks are a team with a very strong personality and that's both an asset and a liability when the personality is that of a very talented 12-year-old. :P I love them for it, though. :) *sigh* I guess at least the Canucks are losing to teams I like?

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Bite your tongue! Liking Dallas?!?!

I agree with you about the Sharks losing to Dallas. I'm not sure if they'd have been able to beat all three of the teams you named otherwise.

I love Todd Harvey. I want to have his children. I don't care if he's married with three right now. :)

I like way too many teams. :P

I think we could have gotten the Canucks because we always get them, but I'm iffy about the Avs and Wings. I was worried after our good game against the Canucks the team would be like, "Oh well, we've redeemed ourselves, no need to keep up the intensity," but they were able to keep it up. :)

LOL! He seems too young to have that many kids.

I have a Todd Harvey Dallas Star card. [smirks]

I have...uh...six, I think. But I still hate the Stars. :D


She should be loving Dallas.

Don't worry, I'll work on it.

Too late. I've already branded him. *pets his curls*

Well what ever works for you guys. [laughs]

I guess losing to the Avs helped us out. Ha! God. I'm worried about tonight's game. I would normally say we have it in the bag but with Smarco being overplayed and being a backtoback game, I'm not so sure. Oh maybe the fact that Oilers are on fire right now. [pouts]

Our record against Edmonton is pretty good. We'll see.

I think if I watch the game it will renew my hatred strong dislike of the Oilers.

Yeah that loss probably helped out. The trick is to sustain it for more than one or two games.

I love the Oilers. I love when the Stars play them. It better be a good game. We need more games like last night's. God. Good stuff.

Yeah we can't get a winning streak to last longer than 3 games. So Sad. Our unbeaten streak went to 5, I believe. I could be wrong.

I just get so mad when I see them do their cheap shots and stuff.

Haha, last season we had one three-game winning streak. *weeps*

Yeah well every team has someone who loves to take cheap shots. [couPRONGERgh]

Awww. It's so depressing.

Yeah, but it seemed like a lot of different people on the team, not just the one or two guys.

Well at least I heard on ESPN, they were, but I shouldn't really take their word for it.

I guess it's probably good I didn't watch the game? *mumbles*

The Sharks tend to be very disruptive to the Wings.

They are... Those damn dastardly Sharks *pets them carefully* *mumbles some more* Ach.

We Sharks fans be smokin' some good shit--want to join in the shared hallucination?

You crack me the fuck up.

Please don't ever imply that you like the Stars again. I know that a lot of the rivalry was before your time but trust me, they ARE evil. They're just...on vacation, or something.

Well, they don't have Hatcher anymore. Or Claude Lemieux. I don't know. They've been identity-less this season.

I was at the game last night, it ROCKED. Wasn't nearly as hostile being a Wings fan there as I thought it would be..but then again there were a lot of us.

Seeing my Wings in the flesh for the first time was awesome, I was literally shaking I was so excited, lol. I never realized how BIG Fischer is....a monster, I tell ya.

Even though we lost, it was a GREAT game. I can appreciate good hockey like that even if ti results in a loss :) Congrats on the domination of the top teams Sharks, you deserve it!

Haha, that's because the Tank is a sea of red when the Wings come.

Ahh, that's so cool! That's like me getting all excited--and that was just at training camp!

I've seen Chara from pretty close, so, yeah. Monsters. *grin*

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! And thank you very much. :)

*spanks the canucks* a whole freaking game boys! three periods.

And due the sharkies are ass kicking all over the place :D

Hehe it was 2-1 by the time I watched and they looked good from then on.

I'm really stunned. I was all weeping when I saw that we played Stars, Canucks, Avs, Wings in a row. :P

it did look good from then on :) very good, hopeflly they play lik that before they get own by two goals next game ;)


And I swear, Brendan Morrison has eyebrows most actresses and models would fucking kill for. So perfectly sculpted.

Best eyebrows in the NHL ;) Damn him! *g*

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