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Hockey hockey hockey!

We Sharks fans be smokin' some good shit--want to join in the shared hallucination?

Well, last night didn't feel like one long penalty kill, but it was nerve-wracking, especially towards the end given what happened the last time. The Sharks keep improving which really makes me happy. I'm getting slightly used to the good first periods, but more of it is starting to creep into the second and third periods as well.

There's still a lot to improve, of course. We are by no means a team that can jack off for 50 minutes, play for 10, and win a game. *glares at that dirty, dirty team that does* The Sharks have to play a whole game and play it well for the talent that we do have.

Overall, I'm glad that we lost so ickily to Dallas because I think it gave a big kick in the ass and I don't think we'd have beaten the Canucks, the Avs and the Wings in a row if that hadn't happened.

Ronning an Isle. Blah. Peca. Blah. Although I did enjoy him and Alfie messing it up, heh heh.

JS punched Kobasew(?) during the Flames game! And then he pretty much immediately did his strange skate in circle, look up at scoreboard, raise stick to mask thing perfectly calmly. He's done that after slamming his stick and breaking it, too, raising the broken stick to his mask. Maybe it's his anger management ritual. :)

I caught part of Stars/Canucks, and it was a great game! Really exciting and lots of emotion from both sides. And I swear, Brendan Morrison has eyebrows most actresses and models would fucking kill for. So perfectly sculpted.

To me, the Canucks are a team with a very strong personality and that's both an asset and a liability when the personality is that of a very talented 12-year-old. :P I love them for it, though. :) *sigh* I guess at least the Canucks are losing to teams I like?
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