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It wasn't a dream!

Happy birthday, vivelegardien!!!

Did we really win last night? Or is it just another part of Sharks fans' shared hallucination?

As I was telling tersa, I was watching that whole game as if it was one big penalty kill for us. :P The headline for the TSN article is Without Forsberg, Avs fall to Sharks, but we were without our #1 goalie, our top 2 scorers, and our most physical (IMO) defenseman.

From The Feeder: Nabokov and wife Tabitha welcomed delivered their first child, Emily Paige on Friday at 9:06pm. The 19 ½ -inch, seven-pound, ten-ounce goaltender will be available for the National Hockey League Entry Draft in 2022.

It was really cute because during the broadcast, they showed Nabby sitting on the bench and flashed a graphic with all of Emily's "stats" as if they were showing regular hockey stats. :)

Also from The Feeder: I know that Nabokov just became a father, but TOSKALA IS SOMEONE'S DADDY!, and a nice Seriya picture from Divealanche.

Drew was in top form last night! Teemu took a dive near the end of the game (no penalties called either way) and Drew called him the "Finnish Splash"! (A play on "Finnish Flash", which is one of his nicknames)

Vesa was great last night, but I wouldn't say that he single-handedly won the game. He made a few huge saves, but Sharks D did their part tying up guys and getting to pucks in dangerous positions as well. Although we still seem to have problems clearing our zone. *twitches*

I'm giddy. :) Also the Ducks won, so that's kind of nice because they've been losing and JS especially has been losing even though he's been playing well. I wish it could have been against a team other than the Canucks, but... oh well. Marty had a 4-point night! Ignoring the Leafs game, it was a good hockey day. :)
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