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2004 WJC gold medal game on ESPN2

Because I know some of you are interested and didn't get to watch it:
The 2004 United States National Junior Team's historic gold-medal victory at the 2004 International Ice Hockey World Junior Championship in Helsinki will be televised nationally on ESPN2 next Thurs., Jan. 22, at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

The Sharks game tonight is on Fox Sports Net Plus. I have Comcast so that means it could be on either channel 15 or 22. Or possibly neither.

What does this mean? Do they have guys throwing darts to decide which channel it will be on or something? I'll be at home so it's not an issue because I'll be here to flip channels (as opposed to having to record one channel on TiVo, and the other on the VCR), but it's still kind of weird and annoying.

Just came back from the dentist are my teeth are sparkling clean! Whee!

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