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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brendan Morrison really likes lemonade

I dreamed about Mo! It was totally AU so he was in college working the cashier at a convenience store which is where I ran into him the first time. My credit card got rejected. :( The second one worked, though. :P

I ran into him again later in our dorm and we both went to get food. (It seems that food is always involved when Canucks are in my dreams) He really likes lemonade.

There's a lot more to it that I don't feel comfortable sharing because my dreams are really weird, and the "convenience store" and "dorm" are just the concepts I have in my head and looked nothing like either convenience stores or dorms, respectively, and I'm silly and get horribly embarrassed about my dreams. *coughs*

I also just realized that Mo was pre-med in my dream. It seemed so fitting that I didn't really think of mentioning that. Come to think of it, I can see that entire line as part of the same surgical team. With Bert yelling "Hey, Mo! Pass me the damn scalpel!" and Nazzy telling him not to yell during surgery and Mo sheepishly giving him the scalpel.

Drew and Randy (the Sharks announcers) are uhh... they're, umm, okay, read on...

RANDY: You get roughed up by Scott Parker on Shark Byte.
DREW: Yes, I do!
RANDY: You have bruises.
DREW: Yes, I do!
RANDY: You--actually you showed me the actual bruises.
DREW: I apologize for that. I should have warned you.
RANDY: You showed me a little more than I wanted to see.
DREW: I should have warned you.
RANDY: Yes, you should have.
DREW: It'll never happen again, I promise.
RANDY: It was not only cruel, but it was very unusual.
DREW: And not pretty.

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RANDY: You--actually you showed me the actual bruises.
DREW: I apologize for that. I should have warned you.
RANDY: You showed me a little more than I wanted to see.

*cracks up*

I love our announcers. We have the greatest announcers ever.

OUR announcers are the best ever.

Your announcers do not have HALF the wit, knowledge and charisma that OURS do. AND they're not in love like ours.

I will actually agree with you. Everyone loves their own announcers (lord knows mine are like uncles to me... embarassing uncles, but uncles), but Sharks announcers take the cake for being the most amusing. And they're in love with each other.

Ralph and Razor have more wit, knowledge and charisma than Randy or Drew have in their little pinkies.

Daryl Reaugh was a former goalie for the Oilers and Whalers. There's Knowledge.

AND they're in LOVE with Jason Arnott.

We have "Razorisms".


You know I'm not really taking this seriously (even though I do love our announcers), I just love talking shit. [smiles]

Ha. What I meant to say was:

Ralph and Razor have more wit, knowledge and charisma in THEIR little pinkies than your announcers do.

Apparently, I'm stupid and like to transpose words. YAY! GO STUPID!

Yeah. I'm done. Truly.

And they are soinlove. Which is mildly upsetting, but I'm (mostly) used to it.

RANDY: You--actually you showed me the actual bruises.
- dude your annoucers crack me up *loves*

and ahhh doctor west coast express would be hilalrous *husg you* sounds like an interesting dream :D

I like them. :) They're like a couple of buddies watching the game and don't pretend to be all professional at all.

I can so picture all of them in scrubs. *giggle*

Mmmm, pre-med Mo ;D Heee, lemonade *giggles*

I could so see him as a doctor! *sighs*

I have no explanation for the lemonade, although it did come in a very pretty bottle. :)

I love Randy and Drew. Love, love, love. They're like having two of your friends over to watch the game with. But, I disagree with one of your comments--they *are* professional. And that's what makes them so good. They're easy-going, smart, professional...and somehow both terrible homers *and* unbiased. I love Randy's dry wit when they start sarking on the officiating, and how Drew is unafraid to come out and say 'that was a bad call, ref'--and they do it when it's both for and against the Sharks. They're way better than the ESPN announcers, and way better than most of the other announcers I've heard.

And, Dan Rusanowsky doesn't get enough credit for how Randy and Drew are.

Hmm, that makes me think about the definition of professional. It's one of those words I absorbed from hearing people use them rather than looking up a definition.

To me, I just mean that Randy and Drew's cosy delivery mean that they remove that separation between themselves and the viewers.

Like with things like having the camera show them cleaning up a pepsi spill while they were announcing the game, and the before/after graphic of Scott Walker with and without tooth.

So I suppose it's more the image rather than things like sharing knowledge appropriately.

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