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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The lesbian!

I have not enough sleep.

Wow, Canada totally looked they had things wrapped up and then the US just surged in the third. MA Fleury is going to be blamed for the loss, but really, it wasn't his fault. Like he could have been super awesome and won the game for Canada - and in fact, he did make at least two ridiculous saves, I think - but just because he didn't, I don't see it as his fault.

I wish I could have watched flanneryflyer and vivelegardien watch the game.

I got all weepy and emotional when I saw the boys all being happy and sad respectively, especially when the boys were singing the national anthem. Even though I'm not American and I wasn't rooting for either team, it was still a very emotional moment and I'm sleepy hence the waterworks started. :P

As for the Sharks prospects, Josh Gorges looked good for Canada and Matt Carle ( I thoughtthat name looked familiar) did not look that great for the US.

Yotes/Canes (yesterday morning)
The Yotes looked so strong. The reason they had those two previous blowouts (4-0 vs the Kings then 6-0 vs the Stars) is definitely mainly because of Boucher, but also that they'd squandered leads in games prior to those and they're like we are not giving up the lead and easing up again. Looks like it worked.

Great job, Boucher for three consecutive shutouts. :)

*squeaks* Arkora meeting! Petr took Whore down with a hook to lead the Arkora takedown series 2-1. He drew a penalty doing it, though, so not as good as his previous takedown, but he'll get them how he can, I suppose.

Rucchin scored the first goal of the game on a bounce off Petr's (lovely and exposed) thigh. Petr was immediately tripped up after and was lying on his back (this happens to him disturbingly often) when Rucchin came directly to him - ignoring everyone else - and picked him up to hug him. Somuchlove for him.

I thought the Ducks outplayed the Stars and had lots of great chances but would miss the net, or not be able to get their sticks on the puck. I wouldn't say they were robbed for a win, though.

I didn't watch this because it's not televised on FSN and Center Ice blacks out the game. *boggle* But joolziejoo recorded it for me! *cheers* It seems to have been an exciting game, despite being scoreless into the third period.

Thorty breakaway, then Thorty goal! *squeals ridiculously* Great way for Patty to start his reign as captain! He has been so great this season since the Canes game that I'm giddy. *sighs happily*

And now I need food and sleep. My needs are so basic. :P

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*hugs the lesbiand an trevor*

reaction is been surprisingly mixed some guys (media guys) blaming MA but most being sensible, thank goodness.

Oh, I just saw the highlights and it was just very unfortunate for Trevor. :(

Oh, that's a good thing! Let's hope they stay sensible. :P

it was, and so not something he does like ever, yet the media doesn't care, lol cause they are evil. There's an article with some cool niko stuff though.

Ha, I don't hold out hope for many of the media being sensible. I had to laugh on the canucks message boards cause those ass hats who hang out there are doing what comes natural to them and blaming the goalie. They know no other way.

The evil is a form of love. Or something. I think he gets cool article cos' his name is so awesome.

Hehe, it's like Kennedy blaming Cloutier for everything. :P

hehehe maybe! the article title is The Name is Nico Mr. Linden.

Heee yeah except they are serious about it, LOL! I'm sure they blame for the snow they are getting right now

*dies* OMG even while writing about Niko they have to get a dig in at Trevor!

I think that "Cloutier" should make its way into everyday vocabulary. *nods*

*Nods* they are evil I tells ya!

bwahaha it should! *cracks up* Dammnit my shoelace broke, fucking cloutier!

I saw Rucchin pick up Petr! I was like, "Is THAT Sykora?" And sure enough it was, and I promptly squealed.

It was so cute! And he was all smiley and clingy when he came up. *giggle*

Petr took Whore down with a hook to lead the Arkora takedown series 2-1

*cheers* i knew he had it in him to make whore his bitch. ;p

Rucchin came directly to him - ignoring everyone else - and picked him up to hug him

*squees* omg socuteanimage. wish i'd seen that. i love the petr love. he's just irresistable to everyone. understandably so. :)

Petr can be really fierce sometimes! I've seen him take a roughing penalty before. And then the linesman helped him pull his jersey back on--even the linesmen love him!!!

It was adorable. You know, he bought the team dinner the night before they beat the Bolts. He's so sweet. :)

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