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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey overload

I have watched a lot of hockey recently, thanks to the WJC. and lots of games scheduled around New Year's.

I was really uncomfortable seeing that poor Czech kid on the ice after being hit by Phaneuf. Like, it was a clean hit, but it was still very dangerous and he got a concussion--could have been worse. I'm very conflicted. I really hate it when guys get injured, but that's the nature of the game. Is there any magical solution someone can come up with so that we can prevent people from getting hurt?

I was impressed by Marek Schwarz. Fleury looked shaky, but the moment the Czechs started turning it up, especially during the power play, you could see him improve visibly. He should be good against the US.

Finland/US was surprisingly well-matched. The last minute or so of that game was really exciting. Should be an excellent game on Monday. :)

Damn. I was just telling fetisha today that we have yet to beat a team that's higher than us in the standings and then we do it tonight, after playing the night before, after a loss that really should have been at least a tie (that disallowed goal was really BS--I mean, is that going to become the new goalie technique? Guy comes to you on a breakaway, just sprawl and kick the net when he shoots to invalidate the goal?), coming from behind, protecting a one-goal lead really well and even scoring the insurance goal.

At first I was thinking, well if the Blues hadn't shanked that 2-on-0, or if Boguniecki hadn't shanked on his open net shot, the game would have been tied. But we had our chances that we shanked, too. We killed all the penalties (even scoring a SHG) and even scored a SHG, and we scored on one of our PPs. Toskala was awesome, but so was Osgood. We were the better team tonight--that's kind of crazy to me. :)

Also watched Stars/Kings (wow, tied with 20 seconds left! Those Kings never give up :P), Ducks/Wings, which was a good game. JS was good and Ducklings really pressed towards the end (and kept missing the net, heh).

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Yeah Scott was pissed off that the refs took back that goal.

Stars should have won tonight, but noooo.. they just HAD to allow Straka to score.

Same thing that Ducks and Stars got screwed by during the playoffs, only this time there was nobody else around the net!

Yeah, that's really sucky. :( Wings did it to us a while back.

Those refs make the stupidest calls. Like it never fails... whenever Modano or someone pulls on a player as they're making their way to the net.. they ALWAYS... I SWEAR ALWAYS call a penalty shot.

When Modano or any other Star gets pulled down, do they do it for them? HELL NO!

Refs bug me.

Hmm, I haven't seen enough penalty shots called to see any kind of pattern, but they do seem to be fairly consistent from the few I've seen.

I hate refs during Rangers games. *grin*

I hate Rangers' games. Period. They put me to sleep.

LOL! I tend not to watch them too. I can't complain about soporific teams, though, since a lot of the time the Sharks have that effect on other teams. :P

Well I should say MOST of the time, last game Stars play against the Rangers was crazy. Even though we lost and OldmanMessier scored like his billionth goal.

Ha. No, Stars and Sharks are ALWAYS exciting to me. We always look forward to those. Even if we lose. Like we have this season. Ha.

*dies* OldmanMessier! That's awesome.

The Stars are... special for us. :P But dude, when we played the Devils, we made them look lively in comparison to us, and I think they were even sleepier than usual.

Devils play exciting hockey against good teams, but against blah teams they get sleepy. :P

We only play them once a year and it's always crazy, like reliving the 2000 playoffs or some shit.

I love those games!

I was really uncomfortable seeing that poor Czech kid on the ice after being hit by Phaneuf. Like, it was a clean hit, but it was still very dangerous and he got a concussion

It's a tough gray area. A la Stevens on Lindros, a la Stevens on Kariya, etc. TECHNICALLY clean, but is it clean if it causes such severe injury?

Yeah, that's why it's makes me so uncomfortable. Like how do you ensure that the game is relatively safe without a 100-page document defining what a clean hit is?

did you see Alyn and the lesbians big hugs? *adores Alyn*

I'm not sure about Alyn and Lesbian, but Marco did kind of leap on Alyn and they twirled around together after he scored the SHG from Alyn's pass. *sighs happily*

Those Kings never give up :P

Unless they have a lead. Heh.

It's too bad they keep letting themselves get in situation where they have to come from behind...

Unless they have a lead. Heh.
Like the Canucks.

It's too bad they keep letting themselves get in situation where they have to come from behind...
Like the Thrashers.

*giggle* Was a fun game to watch. :)

No, it's bad when your team doesn't seem to be able to try unless they're down by two goals with five minutes left in the game.

fleury so looked shaky this whole tournament, kinda scary shakyat times but he pulled it together during that 5 min powerplay.

That hit was *cringe* Clean but dodgy cause of the outcome, if the outcome was differnt no one would say anything about it not being clean but yeah its a whole greay area.

Also randomly (except not cause its mentioned in your comments) the canucks havent squandered a lead in teh third all season *bj face*

Yeah, you could see it happen almost instantly, so it's less worrisome.

Yeah, I agree. We do see hits lke that all the time, but because he got injured it definitely makes you think.

*BJ face* too!

very much so *faiths*

*nods* totally

I was kinda in shock!

The Blues game filled me with all kinds of warm fuzziness. I was soooooo happy to finally beat the Blues again, too, especially in the Saavis Center!

I know! And Alyn fighting off (okay, more like being wiggly) Pronger and centering for Marco's goal. *sighs happily*

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