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Hello, 2004!

Happy new year, everyone! :)

I didn't get to watch the Sharks games yesterday because it wasn't televised, but we won! Alyn scored the winning (and only) goal in the game. O captain, my captain! He had this to say:
He cracked, "Lo and behold, that one found a way to get in. The other ones I got out my geometry set and tried to figure out the angle that I needed to score on and it didn't work."

We're still #1 in the division and we're tied points-wise with Calgary and Colorado. They have a couple of games in hand, I think, but still. Wow. I'm beside myself. *giggle* Ducklings win! I would have liked JS to be in net for that win, because God knows he needs the wins, but... nice to see them win one.

Sharks rule California. *sighs happily*
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