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Oh happy hockey day!

What an awesome night for hockey. Shutout for JS, Canucks come from behind to beat the Avs, Leafs come from behind to tie the Panthers (Owen!!!) and most importantly, Sharks ween! Not only did they win, I think it was a pretty decisive victory--one that was actually televised! *sighs happily*

That was such an amazing first period. *weeps* The Sharks played so confidently, and so aggressively and *weeps* Also, bizarrely, the Preds decided to start beating each other up.

York high sticked Walker in the face and knocked out or broke a few of his teeth. It was funny cos' a little later they showed a before/after split screen of Walker, with arrows pointing at the broken teeth to prove that he did in fact lose some! Then some Pred (don't know who) inexplicably smacked Vokoun in the mask/neck with his stick. Also during a PP 2 Preds ran into each other and knocked each other down, clearing a lane for a pass that led to a goal (I think).

We were not totally horrible in the second, but as usual, kind of got sluggish/tired. Timmonen took a dive and Zidlicky scored with an awesome shot on the PP.

Preds scored again in the third and I think Nabby could have had that one. Was happy that we kept their shots down, though. Oh man and when Kyle took that stupid penalty with 4 minutes left, I was like oh crap. They are so going to tie this up. Not only do the Sharks not give up a goal, Ekman scores a shortie! I am so happy with him. :) I gasped out loud when he scored his first one.

I am loving the way Patty has been playing recently. He's confident, he does nifty things regularly, he battles in front of the net. *sigh* He makes me so happy.

Watching the Ducks/Bolts game now and Petr set up the first goal and scored the second, which makes me even happier. *sighs* *shrieks* And Petr interview! Apparently they had a long meeting after giving up the lead in the Panthers game and it looks like it worked.

[Edit: *squeaks* From the game recap: "I don't know if I've started a trend or something," said Sykora, who took the team out to dinner Sunday night. "Whatever it takes to win, that's what counts." Say, is taking the team out to dinner a euphemism?]

And the happiest thing of all for today? We're #1 in the division--no more tie with the Kings, just us. If the Kings beat the Rangers tomorrow they take back the lead, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. :)

Haha, fetisha and I are so going insane with the morphs.

Giguere & Kariya [Edit: Fixed this link]
Petr & Paul (no Mary)
electric goalie love
Hank & Mojo Jojo
Alyn & Cheech

And I didn't forget--I'm gonna do Cloutier and Trevor tomorrow. :) I should also do all the canon couples. :)
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