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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh happy hockey day!

What an awesome night for hockey. Shutout for JS, Canucks come from behind to beat the Avs, Leafs come from behind to tie the Panthers (Owen!!!) and most importantly, Sharks ween! Not only did they win, I think it was a pretty decisive victory--one that was actually televised! *sighs happily*

That was such an amazing first period. *weeps* The Sharks played so confidently, and so aggressively and *weeps* Also, bizarrely, the Preds decided to start beating each other up.

York high sticked Walker in the face and knocked out or broke a few of his teeth. It was funny cos' a little later they showed a before/after split screen of Walker, with arrows pointing at the broken teeth to prove that he did in fact lose some! Then some Pred (don't know who) inexplicably smacked Vokoun in the mask/neck with his stick. Also during a PP 2 Preds ran into each other and knocked each other down, clearing a lane for a pass that led to a goal (I think).

We were not totally horrible in the second, but as usual, kind of got sluggish/tired. Timmonen took a dive and Zidlicky scored with an awesome shot on the PP.

Preds scored again in the third and I think Nabby could have had that one. Was happy that we kept their shots down, though. Oh man and when Kyle took that stupid penalty with 4 minutes left, I was like oh crap. They are so going to tie this up. Not only do the Sharks not give up a goal, Ekman scores a shortie! I am so happy with him. :) I gasped out loud when he scored his first one.

I am loving the way Patty has been playing recently. He's confident, he does nifty things regularly, he battles in front of the net. *sigh* He makes me so happy.

Watching the Ducks/Bolts game now and Petr set up the first goal and scored the second, which makes me even happier. *sighs* *shrieks* And Petr interview! Apparently they had a long meeting after giving up the lead in the Panthers game and it looks like it worked.

[Edit: *squeaks* From the game recap: "I don't know if I've started a trend or something," said Sykora, who took the team out to dinner Sunday night. "Whatever it takes to win, that's what counts." Say, is taking the team out to dinner a euphemism?]

And the happiest thing of all for today? We're #1 in the division--no more tie with the Kings, just us. If the Kings beat the Rangers tomorrow they take back the lead, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. :)

Haha, fetisha and I are so going insane with the morphs.

Giguere & Kariya [Edit: Fixed this link]
Petr & Paul (no Mary)
electric goalie love
Hank & Mojo Jojo
Alyn & Cheech

And I didn't forget--I'm gonna do Cloutier and Trevor tomorrow. :) I should also do all the canon couples. :)

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dude, morphing Jiri and Derian makes Derian fucking hot!! I tell you that pairing is porn yo /

and in English *pets you* they are hot together.

and Alyn-cheech, makes alyn look sort of exotic

It's a good look for him, I think, but Joolzie complains that I broke him. :P

Fishy definitely has a moderating effect on him, but Hatcher's one of those people who's good-looking IRL, and *twitch* in pictures.

*jaw drop* Oh, no, you did NOT . . . tell me you did NOT just SAY THAT.

Yeah, I have so lost all respect for you now.

*weeps* Have you seen him IRL? He's like, actually good-looking! He just looks all neanderthal and ogrish in pictures. And on camera. It was very bracing the first time I saw him live at a game.

Have I SEEN him in REAL LIFE? HATCHER? Who played for DALLAS? Motherfucking every single playoffs since 1997 Dallas?

I'm sorry, would you like to restate that question?

He had the mullet back then! You probably saw the mullet even after it was long gone!

Hatcher looks better when he is moving. When he is frozen in place, not so good.


Their hair is just too bad for it.


*runs away*

Dude, Robyn asked for that one! She hunted down the pictures for it. :P

The first three looked good. I will pretend that it was not Chelios' influence and merely the other ones overpowering his looks. And I'm going to pretend no one has morphed Hull/Modano because we only have to wait 10 more years and then science will have developed enough for us to actually see their children.

And they'll be rocking them. On a porch swing.

OH! BTW. what's up with Cheech and Thorty? Like, I totally got vibes from them the last two games I saw. The way Thorty got all pissy whenever anyone touched Cheech and the way Cheech went mad when Thorty was in the middle of the brawl? I got all weepy b/c I was like.. "BUT.. SUNNY! YOU CAN'T MOVE ON, BASTARD!"

It was Hull and Fishy with a tan. *nods*

Hull/Modano would be... well, we'll see. ;)

Eee! HullyMo on a porch is one of my favourite images ever. :)

Dude, Thorty has been all protective of him since his rookie year. Like Teemu gets run over and he's like *yawn* but someone skates near Cheech when he falls down all by himself and Thorty's in his face.

I think Cheech just inspires that kind of reaction from the other guys. He gets so much ass.

Here, something different

I won't comment about your morphs! :)

*swoon* Sharks. Patty's goal was fucking fantastic. I had many worshipful moments watching the replay of it.

What *was* the McLaren penalty in the third? Even during the replay, we couldn't see it.

We were getting cranky when McCauley got highsticked right in front of us, with no call. Even *I* saw it. All I could think is "Thank god for faceshields."

I am beginning to *love* Ekman. Not only is he scoring timely goals (and that shortie was bootiful), but he's such a character. He was first star last night, and when he came out, he bowed to the crowd from the waist, then several times just bowed his head. Just a complete showboat. I love it. :)

Re: Here, something different

And the best thing is, he's not doing that like once in 10 games--he's doing it like once every 3 games or so. *sighs*

Officially "delay of game"; basically he closed his hand on the puck and traveled with it. :(

Oh, I saw that on the broadcast! But no call and Drew and Randy didn't say anything, I think.

I was impressed with him when he was just a name and number at the beginning of the season! I never really paid that much attention to him because I figured he'd end up going down, but he just played so well and never did!

Ahh, that is so cool! I don't think I got to see that on TV. :P

I'm keeping this game for posterity. *sighs*

*pounce mauls the lesbian* cause yes :)

ahhh hatch adn fishy are kinda... cute *shriek*

Jiggy and paul *pets* so odd *giggles*

haha I loves them :)

He's so wonderful. *sighs*

They... are... *twitches*

They're both funny-looking guys! I thought that maybe they'd moderate each other, but no. They just end up a funny-looking guy together. :)

which is weird since so many other guys cancelled each other out when they were kinda funny looking *loves*

Notably Alfie/Bonk, hehehe. I wonder what Hulldano would look like...

ooooooh dude I bet it'd be yummy. Maybe like you said a canon couple thing would be much with the cool lol.

Chelifisch is pretty hot. wow.
Hahaha oh my god. HULLIOS! dslkfjsalkd HAHAAHAH god. funny stuff.
I can't get Giguere & Kariya. :c(
Petr and Paul is yummy.
[laughs at goalie love]
Hank & Mojo Jojo -- Datsyuk and who else?

Billy is on the ticket right now. http://www.theticket.com/ click on the listen button up at the top. hsksdjf he's hot.

It's weird, they turned out like a Greek Fischer and a Greek Hull!

Oops I screwed up the link, it's <A href="http://tika.bravepages.com/i.html#giriya_morph.jpg>Giguere & Kariya</A>. Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Those two are kind of freaky-looking on their own. :P *listening*

hahaha. it's hilarious.

mmm giguere and kariya is hot.

Yeah.. I see. hahaa..

God. Guerin. I love that man. lkjsdflksdfj.

Boyd and Stevie together make quite a homely man, I'm sad to say. They should never have kids *nod*

Don't you EVER do that to Jiri again! How horrifying! *consoles self with Chelifisch and Hullios*

Hank and Mojo make a rather cute man with an adorably clueless-but-happy expression :)

Aww, I think they're sweet. :)


They kind of negate each other's strange aspects.

Mae, how did you do the morph? I just DLed it, but I'm at a loss. Lol

I did, but I still didn't get it...

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