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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

More morphs

I'm going insane with the morphs, heh.

Mo Cookies
Vinny & Midgy
Gatorios (fear)

For annapeace, here is Vinny & Brad.

Martian - I really like this one
Hossa & Spezza - surprisingly good
Havlat & Spezza - looks vaguely criminal because of Spezza's lopsided grin/sneer/leer
Havlat & Bonk - Marty really makes Bonk look a lot better
Alfie & Bonk - HAHAHA
Rachunek & Schastlivy - because they are soinlove (and kinda' scary)
Petr & JS - looks mostly like JS, with subtle Petr influences

Barry said that Patty Marleau was the player of the week on NHL2Night. *weeps with pride*

[Edit: I had an icky sex dream involving Hull. It wasn't icky because of Hull, and it wasn't really sex, but upsetting nonetheless. No doubt my mental defenses will make me forget all about it by tomorrow, which is why I'm recording it here. :P]

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mo cookies are yummy :)

Gatorios kinda works *gggg*

Hozza *giggles* Actually that does look good.

Bonk and Alfie makes me giggle cause it relaly does make them both look like kinda better.

*licks patty* :D

Yeah, and he has Mo's eyebrows, too!

Gatorios moderate each other--same with Alfie and Bonk.

Dude, check out Spezza's roster pic on the Sen's web site. You will 1) understand why Chip thought that it was post-morph and 2) appreciate how well the Spezza morphs turned out.

*hugs lesbian*

LOL Mo's eyebrows would like take over with tammy faye baker *giggles*

*nods* they defintiely do

haha he is a little not quite right in that pic

*shrieks* Mo's eyebrows with her mascaraed lashes and *shrieks again*

Dude, Spezza looks nice on camera in games and stuff, but the moment you get him for a picture all hell breaks loose.

*giggles madly* He seems to have cut back on the plucking lately though :)

*Nods* even on lemesee he's kinda non photogeninic for someone so cute

LOL! Time for him to get his wax. *grin*

I kinda' know how that works. *peers at SHG and Hatcher*

*laughs* perhaps they can have a waxing party bwahaha Todd and Jason King would need to buy bees to keep them going. *giggles*

*Nods* totally

Great. Now my wife is going to be hysterical for weeks. Gatorios morph = most horrible thing ever.

She had a pretty extreme reaction last night. Although *peers around* I do think they kind of moderate each other.

Love Gigure and Sykoraaaa..
If the Sens ever decided to reproduce, they'd have some hot babies.

God NOTHING beats me and Melrose's kids, yo. Facial hair and mullet all included.

They're kind of pretty together, huh?

Ahh, Hossa & Havlat babies would be great. :D

*DIES* OMG that was hilarious!

Yes. they are. you're morphs come out soo much better. Your attention detail is great. :c)

I just cheat. I pick roster shots for guys from the same team so the face size and position, etc is about the same. :P

Yeah well our roster pics are nuts. Pimp's pimping, Modano is slouching and everyone else has a fat head. the only one that worked was Whore and Guerin.

*dies* Your team has fat heads!!! LOL!

Dude, Whore's head is kinda' fat. Actually, it's not fat anymore after this summer. *grin*

Well Peanuthead doesn't, but the rest pretty much too.. Especially Smarco.

Whore looks so thin now. It's crazy. Crackwhore.

I was in the mall yesterday and the B-Sens store had a life-size cardboard cutout of Spezz in the window. I thought about trying to steal it.

*shrieks* I want a life-size Spezza!!!

Dude, all the pretty players make pretty morphs.

VinnyBrad... *dies* That's just sad. It looks like Vinny with buck teeth.

*giggle* They do! And some of the uhh, not-so-pretty players combined together end up looking better than each individually.

LOL! It so does!

Petr/JS really kills me, and I'm not sure why. :)

*hugs* Thank you! Ahh, now I know it's not meant to be, for Vinny and Brad don't make for pretty kids. That guy looks like Brad with a fading hair line or something. *giggles*

And dude, Marleau being PotW made me all squealy because I did get to see him play this whole week, and I was like "He so deserves this! And Mae! Hee she must be happy."

They're just very sweet and silly.

*hugs* You're welcome! You know I think they/it/him kinda' look okay!

Aww thanks! He was great this week, and he was awesome today too! He's playing with so much more confidence now and trying nifty things and battling in front of the net and stuff. *proud*

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