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More morphs

I'm going insane with the morphs, heh.

Mo Cookies
Vinny & Midgy
Gatorios (fear)

For annapeace, here is Vinny & Brad.

Martian - I really like this one
Hossa & Spezza - surprisingly good
Havlat & Spezza - looks vaguely criminal because of Spezza's lopsided grin/sneer/leer
Havlat & Bonk - Marty really makes Bonk look a lot better
Alfie & Bonk - HAHAHA
Rachunek & Schastlivy - because they are soinlove (and kinda' scary)
Petr & JS - looks mostly like JS, with subtle Petr influences

Barry said that Patty Marleau was the player of the week on NHL2Night. *weeps with pride*

[Edit: I had an icky sex dream involving Hull. It wasn't icky because of Hull, and it wasn't really sex, but upsetting nonetheless. No doubt my mental defenses will make me forget all about it by tomorrow, which is why I'm recording it here. :P]
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