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Waking up to underage porn

So I get World Junior coverage on Center Ice! *cheers* I recorded the Canada/Switzerland game which was on at like 4.30 AM last night. (I almost could have stayed up for it.) So they ramble on for a bit, and they do a profile on Nigel Dawes, and in the teaser just before the commercial break, they say, "As you're about to find out, he'll do anything for his team." Yeah. With sleazy emphasis on the word "anything" too.

Also, gay cameraman invading underage boys' rooms! "I like your Tommy Hilfiger boxers." And he zooms in on his abs and nether regions. "You're a perv," says filmed boy. Ahh! I think the cameraman was Dion Phaneuf. I think I love him already. :)

Baby!Shark Josh Gorges and baby!Duckling Ryan Getzlaf playing for Team Canada. Getzlaf scored a PPG!

Okay, also, commentator talking about Shawn Belle at world under-18s, wearing a tight shirt to show off his physique to the Russians? What "world under-18s" is this, and did it involve hockey at all? Next, "it's good to get a player off the ice--to get to know them personally." Pervs. Daniel Paille is cute, too. *leches*

*grin* While showing fetisha some pictures, I found an old morph that andthemoon made, and downloaded some morphing software, and...
Seriya - don't they look handsome?
Martian - looks mostly like Marty, I think. Ignore the ghostly Marian hair. :) [Edit: I did make a new one, and there is no longer ghostly Marian hair. Also it looks more like an even blend between them.]

I'm going to make another Martian one with Marian with short hair. I'd also like to make another Seriya one with bigger pictures of them. If anyone can give me links to 2 pics of them that are the same size and with their heads same size - probably a roster shot - I'll make another.

Sharks/Kings game was exciting last night! I had so many heart attacks, but Nabby was great. I thought that overall the Kings played better, but not like ridiculously so. Good fight between Mark Smith and Aves, and lots of enthusiasm, although the energy was flagging (for the Sharks, anyway) towards the end.

Hahaha, we've been to overtime 14 times and haven't won yet. *grin* Better OT than losses, though. :)

Okay, back to watching recorded WJC game and thinking up more morphs to make. I think Alyn/Darcy might be the next one...
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