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Good hockey day!

*covers Kings fans' eyes* *weeps with pride* I seriously did feel kind of weepy reading the game recap of the Kings/Sharks game. It sounded like they played really well. We continued our untelevised game winning streak. *grin* Outscored opponents 20-6 in those 4 games, lol!

And the guys who scored the goals! Patty! Cheech! Whenever Patty scores a goal it's like a really special feeling for me. I get all melty. And shutout for Nabby! I've felt so protective of him ever since he came back from his injury. Ahh... *heart swells with happiness*

Caron thwarted at least three separate instances of Martian love that I saw during today's game! And not just like regular scoring chances, either. I'm talking about how the fuck did that not go in? scoring chances. Jeez.

*brain blanks* *ends post*

[Edit: *brain de-blanked* Shark Byte was fun. Marco's wife is pregnant! There will be baby Marco some time next year! :D Also Vesa Toskala really talks and kinda' looks like Nazzy.]

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