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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Good hockey day!

*covers Kings fans' eyes* *weeps with pride* I seriously did feel kind of weepy reading the game recap of the Kings/Sharks game. It sounded like they played really well. We continued our untelevised game winning streak. *grin* Outscored opponents 20-6 in those 4 games, lol!

And the guys who scored the goals! Patty! Cheech! Whenever Patty scores a goal it's like a really special feeling for me. I get all melty. And shutout for Nabby! I've felt so protective of him ever since he came back from his injury. Ahh... *heart swells with happiness*

Caron thwarted at least three separate instances of Martian love that I saw during today's game! And not just like regular scoring chances, either. I'm talking about how the fuck did that not go in? scoring chances. Jeez.

*brain blanks* *ends post*

[Edit: *brain de-blanked* Shark Byte was fun. Marco's wife is pregnant! There will be baby Marco some time next year! :D Also Vesa Toskala really talks and kinda' looks like Nazzy.]

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Did you see Spezza fall on Caron? And just like... lay there? Why does this not happen to other goalies?

Dude! He just dove onto him for no reason at all!!! Like I thought somebody pushed him onto him, but no--it was all him.

I'm just glad I wasn't at home watching the game. I'd have gone crazy.

I hope they play better tomorrow....

*grin* I hope they don't! *halo*

Tomorrow will either be really good, really nasty, or really bad and nasty.

Tonight wasn't a matter of the Sharks dominating the Kings (sorry, Mae) but a matter of the Kings just uhh.. being really confused. Granted, Sharks were awesome on defense. I really love them, and their PK is SO good. But the Kings just seemed out of it.

That's so funny because an article about tonight's game on the Sharks site say: It was a complete domination of a division rival.

But I was actually really nervous about playing the Kings because I saw how good they were offensively in all the games I've seen them in.

Maybe the Kings had too much turkey. ;)

Now I'm even more nervous about tomorrow. :P

Okay, well, the Kings said that when they spanked us 8-0, but really, we played awful.

Although, it's kind of hard to tell if both teams really play well during a blow out. Because the winning teams tends to go lax and the losing team, gives up.

8-0? When the fuck did that happen?

Yeah, that's very true. I wonder what insane scores would be reached if that didn't happen and there was sustained effort (and suckage on the other side) for the whole game. :P

Yes, let's not talk about that game.

And I believe you just saw what happens when there is sustained effort/suckage.

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