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Sharks win!

I dreamed about Thorty last night. Unfortunately, for most of it he was talking to my mother. Fucking A.

Sharks won both games of the home-and-home with the Ducklings! *throws confetti* You know how I always whine about Petr always always always scoring against us? There are actually statistics to back this up: 8 goals in 9 games against us. Little punk.

But he was really cute during his interview yesterday when Drew called him a really skilled player, and he kind of glances away and grins and tilts his head with this "yeah, right" expression. I died many deaths because of that.

And today a Thorty interview! *bursts with joy* Cheech's goal was so nice and perfect pass from Patty, and... I hate to say it but Kyle did good getting that pass to Patty and generally *coughs* played well tonight. *coughs more* *looks sulky*

Also, there was Martian goal. And Natuzzison goal. And Sunny goal. (Okay it was an empty-netter, but it's Sunny.) And Canucks coming back from 3 goals down to tie a game. (But it's the Canucks, so what's new?) All in all, a great hockey day. :)
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