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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sharks win!

I dreamed about Thorty last night. Unfortunately, for most of it he was talking to my mother. Fucking A.

Sharks won both games of the home-and-home with the Ducklings! *throws confetti* You know how I always whine about Petr always always always scoring against us? There are actually statistics to back this up: 8 goals in 9 games against us. Little punk.

But he was really cute during his interview yesterday when Drew called him a really skilled player, and he kind of glances away and grins and tilts his head with this "yeah, right" expression. I died many deaths because of that.

And today a Thorty interview! *bursts with joy* Cheech's goal was so nice and perfect pass from Patty, and... I hate to say it but Kyle did good getting that pass to Patty and generally *coughs* played well tonight. *coughs more* *looks sulky*

Also, there was Martian goal. And Natuzzison goal. And Sunny goal. (Okay it was an empty-netter, but it's Sunny.) And Canucks coming back from 3 goals down to tie a game. (But it's the Canucks, so what's new?) All in all, a great hockey day. :)

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Oh my gosh, Petr in that interview I died. I couldnt stop my "awwwww"ing. ha. He is so adorable. I love my Petr. Petr, Petr, Petr. Sigh. I heart him mucho. Ha.

But Iofcourse love my Smith and Marleau on the sharks. =)My babies!! haha My Boyz!

He is just way too cute. :) Although I hate him when he plays the Sharks. *shakes fist*

Patty makes me so proud! *sheds tear*

Did you see Chistov's interview?

I am so glad he did not open his mouth when he was giving autographs or I may have laughed in his face.

I am so mean. *g*

Hmm, I got the Sharks feed so I didn't get that. What did he do?

Nothing. He talked. He has the like... clown voice. It's that low voice, high pitch strange thing.

I was at the game!!! Soooo fun. It was nice to see a packed house on a Monday night..so different from my minor league games! Anyway...that Cheech goal was gorgeous. Nice to see them win 2 in a row without OT :)

I think there were under 16000 people there, too! You know, we have yet to win in OT. :P

Serious? I guess all the 1 points add up...hmmm.

It looked packed to me, since I'm used to 3,000 in an arena that can fit 14,000.....

Yeah, and we've gone to OT like 13 times this season!

Wow, I didn't realize that your arena was that big! It's really great to have the Tank mostly full most nights, and also how loud the crowd is. :)

He did! Andy McDonald was very excited for him.

Good. Must be a relief for him :-)

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