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Merry Christmas from the Sens!

I have some letter whore spam. My grinning Finnish goaltender! *sighs wistfully* I have to say that I'm attached to him because he's the first hockey player I saw ever IRL. It was at training camp 2002 and he was making his way from one rink to the other for a scrimmage and I was five feet in front of him and I just gaped. Good thing there was a little kid there and Miikka grinned at him and shook his hand.

I always thought his play was much better than his stats would indicate. I'm glad he's doing well. :)

Kiprusoff helping to fan Flames
By John Kreiser | columnist
December 19, 2003


The Calgary Flames acquired goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff from San Jose in mid-November to add some depth in net. Little did they know what they were getting.

Kiprusoff was the odd-man out in San Jose, where his career record of 14-21-3, 2.83 goals-against average, and .885 save percentage in parts of three seasons had done nothing to convince the Sharks that he was worthy of more playing time. But since his arrival in Calgary, Kiprusoff has been Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, and Dominik Hasek rolled into one.

In 11 games with the Flames, Kiprusoff has been little short of brilliant. He entered the weekend with an 8-2-1 record, a league-leading 1.52 goals-against average, and a .937 save percentage (17 goals allowed on 269 shots), also best among all goaltenders. He allowed more than two goals only once, and held the opposition to one goal or less eight times -- including four consecutive one-goal performances that earned him Defensive Player of the Week honors for the week of Dec. 1-7.

And it's not like the 27-year-old has had a lot of goals to work with. He's won five games by one goal -- including one by a 1-0 score and three by a 2-1 count. Only twice has he had more than three goals to work with.

Kiprusoff's play is a prime reason that the Flames are threatening to end their League-high seven-year playoff drought. Not bad for a guy who cost Calgary only a second- or third-round draft pick in 2005.

I would have watched the Leafs game yesterday (instead of Sens), but I didn't want to watch the Habs lose. (And of course I'd want the Leafs to win) I'm glad I watched the Sens game, though. I got to see Spezza pointing animatedly, and I got to see Marty being a pissy bitch at having his stick broken with a slash. *grin*

Canucks/Oilers game was great. I just realized that games between any of the teams in that division are awesome. Unless they involve the Wild, in which case they're coma-inducing.

There was Natuzzi hug! Hard against the glass. Nazzy clings to Bert as if he's a wife hugging her husband who's just returned from the war. Bert mauling Cloutier! That was like a passionate kiss without the actual kissing. And Nazzy grabbing the mask and shaking his head around. Socute! (And also if you ever try anything with Bert I'll kick your little goalie ass)

The Senators Christmas wishes killed me right before I went to sleep last night. (Thanks, joolzie) It warrants some in-depth analysis:

Martin Havlat and Radek Bonk - They look pretty happy and satisfied and recently blown sitting on that couch there. Might explain Bonk's jolliness. Marty is painfully pretty with that smile and in the cute little santa hat. Damn him!

Petr Schastlivy and Karel Rachunek - Karel is sogay and soinlove with Petr. Petr laughs gaily. Suddenly I like them a lot more than I used to. It's funny how joolzie shows me 5280230627 pictures of Rachunek and I'm unimpressed, and then the moment he smiles gaily at his teammate, I warm up to him.

Jason Spezza - The boy really does tape his stick a lot! That's one guy who probably always has safe sex.

Peter Schaefer - He's really smiley. It's sweet. :) And he's fucking talented. *kicks him* Just like fucking all of them. *kicks them all*

Marian Hossa - Damn, that smile is so sweet, and he's got the toque on with his soft, glossy, naturally blonde hair spilling out and he does a cute little head tilt thing at the beginning. I love him. *weeps*

Brian Pothier - Eee, I always thought he was kinda' cute, but he's so sweet and shy and kinda' reserved and eee! Yes, I can tell all that from 2 seconds of footage.

Antoine Vermette - Umm, whoever (I think it's joolzie) said that Vermette has the Jose Theodore thing going, is absolutely right.

Curtis Leschyshyn - He looks very feline.
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