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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

Ah well

Despite the OTL last night (when we were leading by 1 until like 20 seconds left in the game) and loing today, I'm actually happy with how we've played. We had the better scoring chances last night and our PK was great, and also, Thorty scored! Today, we kind of died out in the 2nd and 3rd (what's new?) but I was happy that we scored that goal with 15 seconds to go *kisses Alyn*

I think I'm happy because I'm still comparing everything to last season. I'm starting to let go of that oh shit feeling every time we take a penalty, and I'm starting to not expect the boys to sag and give up when things don't go our way.

Thanks for rooting for the Sharks in uhh, spirit, fetisha. ;)

Also, see what happens to the Sens *peers at 6 goals* when you write fic, joolzie?

Going to see RotK tonight. :D

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*Kisses Alyn too*

I had no idea he was wearing the C! :)

Yeah, he's gonna be wearing it for 10 games. :D

*cuddles alyn* you should just make him captain. When he was traded the papers here (well Damien Cox whom I usually hate) "it is not good for a team when they trade their best people (even if it is not their best player) away. *adores best-person-Alyn*

Ooh, I like that. See, I think hockey is so much more than just the person's skill set and how it will fit together. Like personality makes such a huge difference.

I want the lesbian to be captain. :D

You know, as much as I like to see Marty and Marian score, I think in the grand scheme of things it's probably best that I don't encourage Senator victories.

Hrm. I see your point. *avoids writing Pacific division slash*

Ugh, but Arkora...

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