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Captain Alyn to the rescue!

Alyn is captain of the Sharks for the next 10 games, and Patty has the A. This makes me so, so happy. :)

We play the Wings then the Blues back-to-back on the road this week. Lucky us. *weeps*

Mighty Leaf tea is so damn good and so damn expensive. The best flavours are orange jasmine or vanilla bean (black), and African nectar (herbal).

Petr Sykora adjusts his crotch way too frequently during games, often taking his glove off for more effective adjustment. At least he doesn't drop his pants during games--only during practice.

I was talking to frala last night about web hosts - cos' she needs to find one *kicks stupid person who ratted her out* - and it's amazing how many providers there are out there, and how cheap a lot of them are.

She told me about Slash City, which is geared towards hosting slash fic, and I was amused by this item in their terms of service:
SlashCity is a host intended for homoerotic subject matter. At least half of your content must be dedicated to homoerotic subject matter if you intend to use a SlashCity subdomain for your site with us.

Also, while poking around to see what else is out there, I found ShieldHost, which is $2/mth for 200 MB disk space, 5 gigs bandwidth, with PHP, CGI, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited POP3, etc. Craziness.

If/when I get a paid site, I might try these guys, but mostly it would be for playing around with the database stuff. My current free site is more than adequate for me since I don't get much traffic and I have an aversion to images.

Ooh, I just found an article on that says nice things about the Sharks. This makes me very nervous. I don't want to lose our "other teams think we suck" edge in games. :P
Sharks regain bite in West.
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