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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Creepy crawlies

Woke up at 3 AM. Felt something on my forehead so I brushed it off. It was cold, smooth and squishy. Ten seconds later realized that it was incredibly disgusting and whatever it was, was probably alive. Sat up in panic in the dark and saw worm-like thing squirming around on pillow. Turned light on. It was a caterpillar. Threw it away. Stared suspiciously at pillow, examining it for more disgusting caterpillars. None were to be found. Went back to sleep.


Sharks ween! Sharks ween! Shutout for Nabby and he really did earn that one. *twitches* Ha! Stupid Ducklings playing Gerber against us. We can defeat him too! Now put JS back in net so that we can light him up again. *coughs* Cheech's goal was so pretty and klutzy at the same time. I approve wholeheartedly. :D They showed JS on the bench chewing gum and scribbling. I wondered if he was doing crossword puzzles, and then Drew said, "Now, I know he isn't doing crossword puzzles..."

So scared for the next two games. Wings and Blues back to back. I guess it's the principle that a quick death is preferable to drawing out the pain?

According to nhl.com, Miikkachu has the best save percentage and GAA in the league. :D I'm happy for him. The Flames have been playing so well since they got him. *mixed feelings*

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meeep :( that's very upsetting. *twitch* *Hugs*

aww letterwhore, *grin* not enough to make me like the flames but so cool.

*mauls JS* yeah huh ;)

It was horrible. I hate squishy insects. *shudder*

Yeah, exactly. I'm happy for him, but I still don't like the Flames, hehe!

*giggle* I love him so. :)

Yeah they haven't played giguere against us this season either. Well they might have opening night. I don't remember. I don't think he started.

I'm pretty sure they played him opening night. *scowls* Team was so bad defensively in front of him I remember. :P

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