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lastcatastrophe and I agree that the Sharks need to store up goals in the first period, much like squirrels need to store up nuts for the winter.

Weird things that happened last night: Gator scored a goal, Hemsky shot (more than once, even!), Staios didn't trip over the blueline, Marco hugged a ref, Ehrhoff defended Nabby, MacT stood on the bench (Okay kennedyluff says he does it all the time, but I'm not the most observant person so it's new to me!).

It makes me so happy when Patty Marleau scores. Him and Marco. It makes me glow with pride or something. :P

There was a showdown between the homeless guys!!! SHG (Thorty) and THG (Gator) got in each other's faces and tried to stare each other down. It was a "this cardboard box ain't big enough for the both of us" moment. I kept thinking about Horcoff's eye whenever I saw him. This made me uncomfortable.

It's so fun watching games with Lira! *tackles her* See, with two of us, we can watch the game and also there are more eyes to pick up on the soap opera of player interactions. Uhh, or something. Talked to Nikki and Charlotte again. They have more goalie fic coming. Involving Shields, of course. *grin* Good stuff. :)

Why does the music when the Sens go on the PP sound like a fucking doorbell? Also, the Senators are by personal criteria that I cannot articulate the best team in the NHL. It's a good thing they're a bunch of pussies.

My niece!
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