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Leafs win eight straight! Sharks win!

Thanks, everyone for the congratulations. :) To tell the truth, it's unreal to me that I'm an aunt. My sister is back home in Singapore so I haven't seen the baby yet and it's just not the same! :)

Yesterday was a happy hockey day for me! Leafs won, Sharks won. That sums it up. Korolyuk fought Morgan (yeah, who?). I'm convinced that it was another case of gloves accidentally falling off and Alex had no idea what to do and got his head knocked off. I mean, his jersey came up and he was headless!Korky for a while. :P Ekman was so excited about his penalty shot! Maybe it's his favouritest thing in the world to do. :)

Man, Mark Smith has been out for a really long time. :(

I vow to finish that fic. Tonight. Yeah. I can do it. Go me.
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