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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I'm an aunt!

Email from other sister:
(My sister) gave birth to baby Emma at 9.05 pm on 5 December after a very short labour (baby was born about 15 mins after reaching the hospital).Baby is 2.6 kg. I saw the baby today and she was very quiet and sleeping most of the time.

Oh wow. She's the first (and only) one of us o have kids, so... wow.

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Congratulations are in order.

Wow congrats! To her and you and your family :)

congratulations to you both, it's exiting, albeit also terrifying, when babies are born.

*hugs Auntie Mae*

Eeeeee! *hugs* Congratulations, darling! That's wonderful! And Emma's such a pretty name :)


You simply MUST send Sharks baby clothes for her! The little onesies and the little jerseys! Play your role of aunt to the hilt!

Short labor? Jesus christ. I was in labor for more than 36 hours. KLASDJF

Anyway, congrats on your new neice.

You told me about that. >.< I'm terrified just hearing about it. Might have helped for her that the baby was so small. :P

Thank you! :D

Whee! *hugs* Congradulations to you and your family :)

Oh wow that's wonderful. Congrats to your family and to you Auntie Mae :)))

Hooray! A whole new life for you to corrupt!

I shall start writing some slash bedtime stories immediately!

Your sister is a superhero.

15 minutes?!

She's a pretty efficient person! :P

eeeeeeeeeeeeek congrats! i lurveeeeeeeeee babies! yesterday at this dance competitiong there was the coach of a team and she had this little baby and he/she? was sitting on her lap and dancing! aw it was so cute!

Ahh, that's so adorable!!! Will be quite a while before Emma can do that, though! *giggle*

eeeeeeeeeee *squishes* Awesome, congrats all around!



*inhales the new baby scent* Mmmmmmmm

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