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I have no brain left

Happy belated birthday, rollerwriter! Hope you had a wonderful day. :)

In a sleep-deprived haze, I imagined that the Sharks had a 3-on-0 last night that they didn't score on. This made me happy, though, that they had a 3-on-0, instead of being upset that they didn't score on it. Then I realized it was actually the Bolts who had it and I deflated.

Grahame had this spectacular sequence during the game where it seemed like he denied half of the Sens at point blank. And Vinny fought Chara. Really, I think they were just hassling each other and their gloves accidentally fell off and they probably thought it looked like they intended to fight and made a half-hearted attempt at it. Chara crouched during the fight.

Bolts owned first, mostly owned second, then petered out in the third. Insert "you have to play a full three periods of hockey" cliche here. They had lots of amazing chances--just couldn't finish.

Was strangely not disappointed by Sharks tie with Avs last night. I think because I went in expecting to lose the game, thus spiralling down into a horrific losing streak and dashing all playoff hopes, etc etc. Why, yes! I am quite the pessimist.

I am actually really proud of how well they played in the first and second period last night. It gives me hope and makes me think that Calgary's game was just all of them collectively suffering from the flu. Or maybe that arena is really soporific or something.

Finally watched Trainspotting and loved it. Really liked Mulholland Drive too. It was very David Lynch. Furthermore, there was hot lesbian sex. Umm, yeah but I did appreciate other aspects of the movie, too. Really!

I finished a fic. I feel good. Fucking Sens.
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