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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Working from home is cool

Sent Dad's and Frala's Christmas card on the same day. Dad (in Singapore) got his 11/21; Frala (in Canada) got hers 12/1. Moose delivery is slow! *grin*

My dad sent me a Christmas card in return. Actually, it was a combination New Year, Christmas, Ramadan, Deepavali and Vesak Day card, so he covered five holidays and four religions! Furthermore, I think he got the card for free. ;)

Sharks play Calgary tonight. :( I never like playing Calgary--not after they hired Darryl Sutter, because he reminds me of what the Sharks used to be like. I mean, I still love them, but it's like loving family, you know? You love them all, but there are some you connect to better? I wonder if they're going to play Miikkachu in goal. Probably not?

Also, we've only won like one game against them since he took over, I think. *giggle*

I used to be one of those people who was always out when I was a teenager. Any chance I could get, I'd be out. In junior college (which is really the equivalent of 11th and 12th grade) I would leave the house at 7.30AM and come home at 7.30PM (and only because I had to for dinner). Now that I'm All Grown Up, I love staying at home and being anti-social. *grin* I think my being out so much when I was younger had more to do with not wanting to be at home, than wanting to go out. ;)

I think I haven't had my period for two months. The last time it was this long between periods was during the playoffs. It's happened to me before twice, but I'm feeling a little old to still be having irregular periods. I wonder if this is just how it's going to be for me. I have no complaints at all since I don't get cramps and don't get (more) stressed and emotional before my period--actually about the only effect it has on me (aside from the obvious) is that I get horny the night before it starts. :P

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Moose delivery is slow!



I just wanted an excuse to pimp my Jose icon. :D

How did I so know I'd open the comments to this post and see you posted that? I just KNEW it!


Because you are my Moose?


I am sorry, Mae. I will stop Moose-ing in your LJ.


Done. I promise. :)

Moose delivery is slow! *grin*
- damn moose *giggles*

if they're going to play Miikkachu in goal. Probably not?
- Miikkachu! *pets letter whore*

is that I get horny the night before it starts. :P
- and how *laughs* its seriously more of a warning than pms lol

- and how *laughs* its seriously more of a warning than pms lol

It makes no evolutionary sense at all because that is like the furthest away from the fertile part of the cycle, I think. I was obviously not meant to reproduce!

Absolutely, I think that its a hell of a good sign for me too.lol.

Did you see what Tosk had to say about Kipper?

"I'm happy for him. I saw that he played a few good games for them right away."

Odds are the two buddies will face each other tonight but Toskela is trying not to see it that way.

"I'm not playing against him, he won't score any goals," he said.


Re: Tosk on Miikkachu


That's so awesome how he's all happy for him and stuff. *sighs*

Why is his name misspelled in this article? *giggle*

If you've always been irregular then I don't see why it should change now. If it was going to even out it would have in your late teens, early twenties.

Maybe... maybe I'm actually in my late teens, and I'm just pretending to be older! I've fooled all of you! Bwahahaha!

it is somethign invading HD.

The period queen just does it to keep us on our toes.

It certainly adds an element of surprise to our lives! :)

I read somewhere that if you're under 115 pounds (why that number I don't know) then you don't have the fat content to safely carry a baby and all bets are off when it comes to being regular.

I won't ask how much you weigh *grin* but I do know that after I passed 115, I went from 9 or 10 a year to 12. /tmi

Miikkachu *laughs*

Hmm, I'd think that would be related to height, though. I'm 116-18 but I'm only 5'3". The theory does sound plausible, although I think I'm good on body fat percentage. ;)

Half of the time when I try to type "body" I end up typing "boyd" instead.

Hee, branwynelf came up with that. :)

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