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Working from home is cool

Sent Dad's and Frala's Christmas card on the same day. Dad (in Singapore) got his 11/21; Frala (in Canada) got hers 12/1. Moose delivery is slow! *grin*

My dad sent me a Christmas card in return. Actually, it was a combination New Year, Christmas, Ramadan, Deepavali and Vesak Day card, so he covered five holidays and four religions! Furthermore, I think he got the card for free. ;)

Sharks play Calgary tonight. :( I never like playing Calgary--not after they hired Darryl Sutter, because he reminds me of what the Sharks used to be like. I mean, I still love them, but it's like loving family, you know? You love them all, but there are some you connect to better? I wonder if they're going to play Miikkachu in goal. Probably not?

Also, we've only won like one game against them since he took over, I think. *giggle*

I used to be one of those people who was always out when I was a teenager. Any chance I could get, I'd be out. In junior college (which is really the equivalent of 11th and 12th grade) I would leave the house at 7.30AM and come home at 7.30PM (and only because I had to for dinner). Now that I'm All Grown Up, I love staying at home and being anti-social. *grin* I think my being out so much when I was younger had more to do with not wanting to be at home, than wanting to go out. ;)

I think I haven't had my period for two months. The last time it was this long between periods was during the playoffs. It's happened to me before twice, but I'm feeling a little old to still be having irregular periods. I wonder if this is just how it's going to be for me. I have no complaints at all since I don't get cramps and don't get (more) stressed and emotional before my period--actually about the only effect it has on me (aside from the obvious) is that I get horny the night before it starts. :P
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