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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Five wins in a row!

Went to Cirque du Soleil yesterday. Because of Alex's "I want it and I want it now" personality, we got the VIP (i.e. pay out of your nose) seats cos' they were the only ones available for that performance. It's really amazing how strong, flexible and graceful the performers were. it's like, they're the same species as me? ;)

The Sharks/Oilers game started out even worse than I'd feared. We went 19 minutes without a shot on goal. *embarrassed* How about that pretty Finnish goalie, eh? *kisses Vesa* We're on a five game winning streak! Us! Winning streak! Wins! *ahem* Sorry. The Leafs are on a five game winning streak as well, so I'm very happy hockey-wise.

Flyers vs those dirty, dirty Sens today. ;) Should be a great game. :)

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Did you see that save where he flipped? Amazing! (More amazing yet that the rebound wasn't put in, but I think we have Kyle to thank for that!)

OMG! The one with less than 3 minutes left in the third? As Randy said, it was a circus save. :P

Yeah, Torres(?) had an open net. I reluctantly admit that Kyle has been improving. However, it was also Kyle's stick that deflected the original shot necessitating the circus save, lol.

heee you almost sounded like PJ there for a minute *gives you a treat*

LOL, I almost chittered! *giggle* Thanks! *munches* *chitters*

Heeeee *marks for chittering* :D

*spins you around* winning streaks rock! The players all look so happy-smiley at training and *loves them*

Dude, the Leafs are #2 in the east! I'm like, WTF? So fucking awesome, though. *dances around with you*

(Deleted comment)
Aww, that's so cool that it started out as a somewhat humble affair and now it's this huge affair travelling all over the place! :)

Flyers vs those dirty, dirty Sens today. ;)


And I'm sofreakingnervous!

*hugs* I went through the same kind of nervousness (on a much smaller scale) last night with the Sharks vs Oilers.

the Cirque du Soleil totally rocks, saw it this summer.
We are on the waiting list for the next show.

Ooh... which one did you see? I watched Alegria.

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