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Yum, hockey

*peers around furtively* Bernie, I'm sorry but I wrote Spezza/Havlat today. Or rather, planned it out and wrote a couple of lines. Good thing that I didn't write more, eh? *peers at their line suspiciously*

Leafs win!!! God, the Leafs have become so good. I mean their penalty killing was good when I saw them play in San Jose - from all that practice, no doubt - but just so much offensive pressure as well, and... eee! It's weird, I've been watching the Sens a lot and supporting them in most of those games, but watching them tonight? For the first two periods, the Sens barely registered to me (not because they sucked, LOL). I was watching the Leafs the whole way because I care about them a lot more and having heart attacks and all that stuff.

Marty drinks bottled water on the bench. Heh heh heh. Interview with Nieuwendyk, who has this to say about Matt Stajan (his roommate on the road): I've been trying to break him in slowly, giving it to him once in a while. Bullshit high-sticking call on Klee in the last 7 minutes of the third. Follow through. Double minor too, even though Smolinski(?) wasn't cut. And in a 1-goal game. Good thing the Sens decided not to score. But Marty oh-so-close. PING! The sound you love when the other team makes it.

We play the Oilers tomorrow. *hugs Sharks sadly and proudly* *kisses winning streak goodbye*
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