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Phone Post: Tape jobs and knob size

Posted for joolzie. *grin* Spezza, Alfredsson and Redden talk about tape jobs and knob size! From the 2nd intermission during last night's Canucks/Sens game (Sens feed). Spezza makes lots of gratuitous wanking motions!

295K 1:28
“SHMUCK: Taping your stick will help you control the puck. How you tape your stick is based on years of experience.NHL players are very, very particular about how they tape THEIR sticks.
SPEZZA: Most guys I think generally go heel to toe just because of the way that (commences wanking motions on blade) the snow kind of rides up on the stick (increases pace) and doesn't get caught in the grooves when you're going that way.
ALFREDSSON: I start from the top and go to the bottom. And I don't know if this is a good reason - I think anyway - that it allows when you handle the puck--it slides.
SPEZZA: (still wanking) That's kind of where I handle the puck the most from there to there (indicates by further wanking) I like having the tape on there it gives it a little better grip.
ALFREDSSON: I also have a thing I started a couple of years ago you have no tape on the bottom of your stick and the reason for that was it slides better. You know for kids it's probably a good thing to try maybe because the tape job lasts longer as well, uhh usually when you skate you know you roughen up it starts peeling off on the bottom.
REDDEN: Well I like the big knob on there it gives it more balance I find. It's a little bigger so it feels a little better for me.
SPEZZA: (has proceeded to two-handed wanking with firm grip) The knob I use is a little more shaved down than a lot of guys I think I just I kind of whittle it down because I like the way it feels.
ALFREDSSON: I don't put too much work into my knob, really, as long as I feel I hold my stick and I feel like I got control of the knob area I'm good.
SPEZZA: (has stopped wanking) I tape my stick every period and I, I tape my stick before the game and sometimes during the game and during TV timeout if it kind of get messed up and I'm pretty uhh, pretty adamant about having you know a nice clean tape job.
SHMUCK: How you tape your stick is a personal choice--don't be afraid to try different methods in practice.”

Transcribed by: harleymae

This was the second recording. There was too much hysterical laughter during the first one. For the second one, I was able to keep it down to one sputter when Wade talked about liking big knobs.

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