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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sharks win!

To echo tamiflu, MY BOYS ARE 0.500!

It's very, very exciting. Also, we have a 3 game winning streak! Also, we didn't end the Hawks winless streak! Also we scored pretty goals! What the fuck team is this? LOL! God, I'm still jittery. When you end a game with a 1-goal lead spending over a minute in your zone down 2 men it's a terrifyng, terrifying time. Seriously, my heart was racing and when I started typing right after the game my hands were shaking. :P

Christian Ehrhoff scored his first NHL goal tonight! *cheers for him* He says that the puck is going to a "special place" in his parents' house. So sweet. :D The lesbian has a 9 game point streak. *beams*

Drew and Randy were at it again.
Drew: My hip is still sore from (Kyle McLaren) nailing me.
Randy (about Drew): So you're teaching adults how to make passes? (talking about Drew's passing clinic)

Watched the Senators/Thrashers game yesterday. It was nice to watch the Sens not playing like a bunch of pussies *grin* but the scary thing is I think they were playing at like 70%. I think that's the first game I've watched where the team that pulls its goalie (not because of an injury) won the game. Then again I don't think I've seen six unanswered goals in a game before, either.

Watched the Flyers/Pens game before Sharks game. That Rico Fata kid is really good. That Flyers American line? Really fucking scary. *shudders* I'd hate to see them cycling against us. I think the Flyers could have won the game if they'd just been more aggressive--yeah, seems surprising that would be missing from the Flyers. :P They got good scoring chances, just needed a little more of that factor X, I think. :)

I'm watching the Devils/Ducklings game and Petr just scored. I'm in hockey heaven. I get vaguely disturbed when I see Jamie Langenbrunner because he makes me think of Hatcher and the two of them together make me think of... *weeps* *flees back to hockey heaven*

I watched Bridget Jones's Diary (shouldn't it be Jones'?) today and I really enjoyed it! It was funny and not sappy and there was giggly sex! Okay more like pre-sex, but I have a fondness for funny things happening during sex. *giggle* It was weird to see Renee Zellweger with that much additional weight. She had boobies! She actually looked good like that, but I just kept seeing her as being extra because I'm so used to seeing her skinny.

It just occurred to me that there must be so much Alias femslash out there pairing Sydney and Lauren. *grin*

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there! :)

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Drew: My hip is still sore from (Kyle McLaren) nailing me.
- *dies*

I liked the movie too :D *loves colin firth*

Every single game there's something like that. *mental defenses are strong*

Who did he play? Was he Darcy?


He was the guy in the bad christmas sweater :D I suck at names lol

Yes!!! OMG that sweater was sooooo bad. :P

Then yes that's him! I love him!!! *happy sigh*

That Rico Fata kid is really good.

Can you believe he's scoring WAY more than Alexei Kovalev? That's who we traded him for. Kovy for Fata, and somehow, somefuckingway, WE made out better.

We actually looked pretty good in the first two periods, but collapsed in the third - Caron was the only one keeping us in.

(shouldn't it be Jones'?)

Yes it SHOULD *rages* That's one of my English pet peeves, but now s' AND s's are acceptable.

I think we had a similar situation going getting Alyn for Nolan. I mean, us HDers knew who he was, of course, but I think most Sharks fans were like, "Huh?"

I guess enough people got confused and made mistakes that it became acceptable. ;)

That Flyers American line? Really fucking scary. *shudders* I'd hate to see them cycling against us. I think the Flyers could have won the game if they'd just been more aggressive--yeah, seems surprising that would be missing from the Flyers.

Our offensive positioning and ability to cycle so strongly down low is why we've been so go the past few weeks. Not sure I've been so impressed with a Flyer line since the Legion of Doom. No joke. Oh, if only we hadn't been asleep! We weren't aggressive because we were already eating turkey in our heads :( No concentration on the game. For shame.

And Bridget Jones is one of my FAVORITE movies! I love it so. Turkey curry indeed!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, dear!

Man, I need to watch some old games and see the Legion of Doom in action. They sound so amazing. Yeah, it's always frustrating to lose a game for lack of effort. :(

It was so cute! I enjoyed her "verbal incontinence" greatly.

Not for long they aren't.

Given our tendency to tie games, it's possible that we'll remain at 0.500 for the next couple of months.

N'awwwwwwwwww *pets the Sharkies* :D

They make me so proud! *weeps*

ooh i want to see bridget jones's diary! im trying to read the book right now and im about a quarter of the way through and its so good!

Usually when I read a book, I don't enjoy the movie as much, so don't watch it with high expectations. :P

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, though. It's really funny. :)

The extra 's isn't necessary, but people tend to add it so you know it's Jones-es and not just Jones. It's the same when you're pluralizing (?) last names. When you've got x's on the end sometimes you put in xes and sometimes just xs. Depends if the X is silent or you really wanna stress that extra syllable.

Oh I wasn't aware of that. I assumed that the plural for last names was necessary. *takes note*

It just depends on the name. Like Peterson is just Petersons but like uhhhhhhh I can't think of anything for the other rule. But it exits.

Oh I mean for last names that end with "S". Like I thought it would always be the Joneses.

Yeah, that's right. I'm just talking about Devereauxs etc. Like say it was Hex with a x sound-then you would say Hexes. But say it was Hex, but pronouced "Hugh" than you'd do Hexes but it'd be "Hughs" and I'm pretty sure you can do Hexs as well b/c of the pronounciation.

That sounds right. I think. Curse those Frenchies!

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