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The Invincible M.A.E.

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First home win!

Microsoft is shite! (Sorry, just watched Trainspotting.) Apparently, there's some exploit in the Microsoft Java VM that I got screwed by. Basically when I started up IE it redirected to default-homepage-network.com and it opened a text file with a message and (bizarrely) popped open by CD-ROM drive. Fucking hell. Anyway, it's gone now, but it pisses me off.

*coughs* Umm yes but on to happier topics. We got our first home win!!! And I was there for it! *explodes with joy* It was a good team effort for the Sharks, although Toskala had to save our asses a few more times than I would have liked. ;) We had problems clearing the zone quite a few times which made me really nervous, but the PK looked good. :) Preds took a lot of penalties in the 3rd period which more or less sealed their fate, I suppose. And we scored in the 2nd period! *BJ face*

But really I'm just still glowing about our first home win, LOL! Watching the outdoors games right now. I've only vaguely heard of only some of these old-timers, but it kind of still makes me weepy. You could see in their faces how much they love the game. Okay, I'm sappy. :P

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I know! *twirls the sharks around* they were good, and they deserved it, and hoepfully now that the monkey is off their backs they will play well for the rest of the season.

And them maybe Brad Boyes will get to play *snuggles him* Sharks AHL team was playing the roadrunners, so there have been a couple of articles about him.

Microsoft can get a big dog up itself.

I was so proud of them, and Patty's goal was beautiful! *cries* I hope they don't let up and keep going. I think they will this season. *heart swells*

We're deep in center but with injuries and stuff it's possible that he will. I'd like to see him in action! :D

Okay, I'm sappy. :P

I am, too, so don't feel bad. I got all verklempt at some point during the game and was trying really hard not to cry myself!

Yay Sharkies!!

Ahh man the oltimers game was like making me sniffle city. The thing friday night where they all talked and stuff was more with that though. *loves* I think I could pretty much remember seeing all of them play on tv at some point as a kid *old* *giggles*


Aww, I didn't get to see that! That was when it was a "romntic moment" though, eh? *grin* That must have been so amazing for you then, if you saw them all play. Probably what an old-timers game will be like for me in 20 years. :P

yes romantic moment *giggles madly* hehe! LOL it was amazing :)

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