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First home win!

Microsoft is shite! (Sorry, just watched Trainspotting.) Apparently, there's some exploit in the Microsoft Java VM that I got screwed by. Basically when I started up IE it redirected to and it opened a text file with a message and (bizarrely) popped open by CD-ROM drive. Fucking hell. Anyway, it's gone now, but it pisses me off.

*coughs* Umm yes but on to happier topics. We got our first home win!!! And I was there for it! *explodes with joy* It was a good team effort for the Sharks, although Toskala had to save our asses a few more times than I would have liked. ;) We had problems clearing the zone quite a few times which made me really nervous, but the PK looked good. :) Preds took a lot of penalties in the 3rd period which more or less sealed their fate, I suppose. And we scored in the 2nd period! *BJ face*

But really I'm just still glowing about our first home win, LOL! Watching the outdoors games right now. I've only vaguely heard of only some of these old-timers, but it kind of still makes me weepy. You could see in their faces how much they love the game. Okay, I'm sappy. :P
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