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Hockey = slash

Thanks joolzie for pointing me to this:

Glen Sather, the architect and coach of the Oilers dynasty, fell under the spell created by the reunion.

"It was kind of a romantic moment," he said. "Seeing the sparkle in their eyes, the flash of their teeth the way they smiled at each other ..."

I am speechless. Here's the full article.

And I'm so excited because we get the old-timers game on Center Ice after all! Or alumni game whatever it's called.

I'm going to the Sharks game tonight! I might be witness to our first home win! (Every other team has at least three *weeps*) And... I feel kind of weird about this but I'm glad that the Preds broke their winningless streak against the Ducklings because that means our chances are better. *shamefaced*

I'm watching The Princess Diaries right now and I didn't know it's set in San Francisco! I'm all spazzing out because they're filming the street where I live and the views of places I see every day. *squeaks*
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