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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

How to escape a bad date

I have the Worst Case Scenario desktop calendar and typically the entries are about how on this day many years ago someone survived in Antarctica for 12 years using just a coke bottle as a tool, or how to fend off a mountain lion (you flash it--really) and stuff like that, and today's is...

How to Escape a Bad Date

  1. Locate a usable window and attempt to open it. If you cannot open the window, find an implement you can use to break it.

  2. Strike the center of the glass with the implement. If the hand holding the implement will come within a foot of the window as you break it, wrap it with a jacket or sweater.

  3. Punch out any remaining shards of glass. Cover your fist with a jacket or sweater before removing the glass.

  4. Make your escape. Do not worry about any minor nicks and cuts. Just run.

Hockey... had the feeling that the Sens were going to bust out. All the factors were there for it. Exploded at the Martian love. They need to be on the same line always. Maybe Hossa-Bonk-Havlat? *nods* Yay for Canucks coming back to win it in OT. That may be the only team in the NHL that has inconsistency as a positive attribute. *grin*

Hope all you lucky people going to the Heritage game tomorrow have a great time! Speaking of which, both games are going to be broadcast on ESPN Classic next Saturday, so even if Center Ice doesn't show the curmudgeonly old men game, I'll be able to watch it then. :)

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*wail* I don't get ESPN Classic, either.

I can tape them and mail it to you or give them to you the next time we go to a Sharks game. :P

Have I mentioned lately how great you are? And not just because you're my favorite Thorty fangirl?

*grin* Why thank you! ;) Thorty twin power! :D

LOL even when they suck its still exciting *licks canucks*

*giggle* It's true! They're a great team. :)

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