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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We weeeeeeeen!!!

Yay! We have points and stuff now! *hugs Vesa* I shrieked every time we scored (alarming Chip greatly) *giggle* I am loving Harvey more and more. He seems to always be getting something started. And Gravy! *huggles him* *thinks of "Nice"* *grins* And the Teemu/Marco/lesbian line!!! Still love 'em!

Hmm, end of my very technical analysis of the game.

On a slashy note, I noticed that Teemulanne had his arm draped around Vesa for an inordinate amount of time. I also remember Lira saying he was all over Nabby last season. Does he have a goalie fetish? Hmm. :P

And I recant. I think Comrie was petulant tonight. :)

Got Arnie/Petr plot worked out during commercial breaks. Got strange hankering to continue "Descendant" thanks to Frala's Natuzzi spanking image. Got too much work to do tomorrow to write any of it until I get home. *giggle*

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Does he have a goalie fetish? Hmm. :P

I always said Teemu is a smart man.

Hmm, maybe Nabby watched that game and will get jealous of Vesa and come back. ;) Damn, must stop confusing fic world with real world. *giggle*

DUDE, are my boys TRYING to give me a heart attack? It's called SKATING, m'dears. TRY it.

Although the Sharks were very good last night. But still. *thwaps Janne for not keeping Nolan back during that shorthanded goal, because he CAN skate faster than that. fucker.*

Ooooh! Petulant!Comrie! *perks*



That is all.

Hey, all of your boys played well, though, it was a close game, really exciting :)

And it's hard to keep Nolan back ... really. *giggle*

Chickenshit!!! From now on, all enemies of Comrie shall be called "chickenshit".

Heee Teemulanne *grin* he's all lonley for phiypp :D

Arnie/Petr *sniffle* cant wait

Spankerin Natuzzi :D

Dude, he so is, but PHIYPP1 is putting the moves on PHIYPP2, or Adam Oates depending on which universe, or maybe both. :P Teemulanne has to move on ... *nods*

I'm looking forward to writing Arnie/Petr tonight! *giggle* No hockey *pout* so I'll have time to do it, unless I go out.

And that image. *dies* "Ow! Ow!" "Say you like it!" *dies*

Ohh ohhh yes!! see I forgot about that *giggle*

awww no hockey but mae fic makes me happy. I get a canuck game I beleive :)

::DEAD:: say you like it... ::Dead::

Eee thanks, Frala! *hugs* And ... Natuzzi ... FEDOR!!! I can't wait to see them on Monday *hops happily*

Damn it, this bunny is getting fat and happy. *peers at it* "Oh, behave!" Gah!!!

*hugs back* Eeeeee monday..is that the game you are going to?? *hops too*

LMAO a fat bunny!!!!! *giggles and feeds it more*

Yes! And I'm gonna be in the third row. Maybe you'll see me on television. *laughs* Ack I'm gonna be surrounded by aging puckbunnies and disinterested deaf-mutes again I think. Grr.

WOO!!! I'll sooo keep an eye out of we get the game on TV *Squiggle*

awww but still :D

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