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Looks like I'll be starving through Thanksgiving

Taking a tiny work break. I'm working from home these two days to make a deadline. I realize that doesn't make sense, but I like to work from home, damn it!

It was Petr's birthday yesterday! He scored a goal, too. :) Someone rather unkindly suggested that it was Smarco's birthday present to him. *grin* I'll have to say, though, in that game, the Stars outplayed the Ducklings (although neither team was exceptional) but well that's hockey. There's an element of luck in there, too. *shrugs*

It was duel of the Czech goalies last night (Preds/Kings), to follow the duel of the Finnish goalies (Rangers/Sharks). I caught the game from mid-way through the second period and Cechmanek did have to earn his shutout. Nice job penalty killing by the Kings, too, with 6 penalties taken by them including a major.

Chip suggested last night that we get a turkey and roast it ourselves. I answered with explosive laughter. I don't know. I suppose we're competent enough to throw something into the oven if it's already been prepared, but the whole enterprise just reeks of disaster waiting to happen.

I guess it could work out. Alex will be around, too. He's not spending Thanksgiving with his girlfriend even though they've been attached at the hip since they met, except when he had to go to Dallas then Utah for work stuff, and now again because of a tight deadline. He doesn't want to be the strange boyfriend hanging around with her family or something.

So it will be just the three of us again! All we need to do is play some stupid computer game together again and it will be just like old times. ;)
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