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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Groin Status of the Week!

Some of you who have friends-only LJs might be interested in this: LJ supports setting a minimum security level on posts. This is a means of ensuring that all posts you make will be at least friends (or private, if you're weird) security level. You can still set stuff to be public by editing the post afterwards. This would be especially useful to people with friends-locked fake!LJs.

Why did they have to put four good hockey games on at the same time? I decided to record the ESPN feed instead of FSN for the Ducklings/Avs game, because I figure they usually get the better interviews and I miss Barry and Bucci a bit, and was rewarded with a cute little segment on Paul Kariya! Basically, the entire thing consisted of him being made fun of by the guys. :P They made fun of his cheap shoes or something, and he "retaliated" by making fun of Sakic's socks. Umm, okay. Then Cummins made fun of Paul's love for Lexus, saying that it's for old people or women, and all Paul did was grin.

Oh yeah, the game. JS was looking really good last night. *spits on analysts who'll say he wasn't because they lost* The Ducks D was better, in general, than some of their recent games. More what I was used to from them last season. More settled and calm, getting to rebounds first. And... okay, I think I've seen enough. Petr is the only Duckling who gets mauled and molested and fondled when he scores goals. What the hell is he doing to/for his teammates? *suspicious*

Rangers/Sharks. Okay, I predicted that the refs would lean heavily towards the Rangers side. This is what I saw in both games last season, so I expected the bias. If anything, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and this is taking into account the knee on knee hit with extreme leg extension by Lundmark at Center Ice that wasn't called and took Korolyuk out of the game. But I digress. I was either going to be very relieved at the first home win and believe that things would get better, or give up (i.e. still support, but not be as invested) if it was a loss. But it was a tie! No resolution! I mean, I'm glad that the Sharks came back to tie it, and it's no longer a foregone conclusion that we'll lose when we are down 2 (or even 3!) in the third period, but still, a first home win would have been nice. So I have to delay my judgement until the Preds come to town this Saturday? Blah.

After some Google searching, I've come to the conclusion that there's enough groin content in the NHL to support a Groin Status of the Week feature! My plan is to have a poll every Wednesday where you get to vote on your favourite groin status! So, here we go! The nominees are:

  1. "There's been a lot of people saying it might not be the groin," Granato said. "It's a groin injury. He may have soreness in other parts, including his stomach, but it's coming from his groin injury. The medical staff and I have talked at length about this. Because of compensating for the groin injury, he may have some soreness in other parts of his body." Peter Forsberg, Avalanche

  2. He left practice early Monday with a groin problem, but Trotz doesn't think he is overworking the youngster. Dan Hamhuis, Predators

  3. "Arvedson's groin is still bothering him and he's playing with it every day." Magnus Arvedson, Canucks

Poll #207260 Groin Status of the Week (11/19/2003)

Who has the groin status of the week?

Peter Forsberg
Dan Hamhuis
Magnus Arvedson

So please choose your favourite groin status, and feel free to discuss the choices at great length! :)

I have an Google News alert to keep me informed of interesting developments in the groin status world, but if you run across any exciting groin conditions, please let me know!

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Hey what about Nabby's groin! Sheesh!

Were there any fun quotes about it?

*pats his groin* Wait, no. Groins are so finicky! If it's like a wrist injury or something, you can be like "aww, I'll kiss and make it better", but groins?

that makes things a lot easier *grin* I dont need to worry about forgetting. And yeah what is the point of a private entry? Just write it down yo. *g*

*loves paul* hehehehe *pets him*

Heee groin poll you rock! And with a typo that could be really funny ;)

I don't understand why anyone would make all entries private by default. But I suppose if you really are keeping a diary of the traditional kind that's meant to be private and just using LJ for convenience. *shrugs*

Paul is awesome. *pounces on him*

LOL! I just like talking about groins. :)

Yeah that makes sense except why not just type it in word and be done with it, oh unless you want it hidden from parents and waht not if you are young.

Ohh a pouncing! wheee. *pounces too*

LOL groins are great!

Well, LJ is more stable in the sense that the servers are backed up, and if you save stuff locally you're screwed if your hard disk dies. Also it's more accessible--you can update and read it from anywhere.

yeah it totally is more stable that way. SO there I go *g*

the knee on knee hit with extreme leg extension by Lundmark at Center Ice that wasn't called and took Korolyuk out of the game

I was at a really bad place for me to get a good view of it (center ice, near boards), so all I really saw was Korolyuk going down and then someone looked like they skated into his head, so I thought he'd caught a skate blade in his face! (which was also scary)

I meant to ask someone seeing the game on TV about the hit, because, of course, the Rangers were saying they thought it was a clean hit, but Dan and Stemmer were saying on the radio they thought it looked knee-on-knee.

So, did you get a good view of it on replay, to verify it was definitely knee-on-knee?

Yeah, they replayed it a few times in slow mo, and unfortunately it was a knee-on-knee hit. :( Drew was really outraged about it.

Hey, just had a thought. Did you see my comment to you in my LJ post a couple of days ago about Sturmy and Jeffey?

Doh, I missed it. Casualty of hurrying through to catch up on LJ. *goes to read*

I don't know what the cut off date for "groin status of the week is" but I submit this from Chrissy's journal:

"Forward Boyd Devereaux and goaltender Dominik Hasek each aggravated his sore groin and left practice early."

Double groin injury!!! And that is one badly written sentence :)

Ooh, I'll keep that for next week. Thanks!

groin status of the week!! *dies* i love it.

Because of compensating for the groin injury, he may have some soreness in other parts of his body.

umm... *coughs* i don't know if i want to know why other parts of his body are sore from overcompensating.

arvedson's groin is the best, though. ;)

*giggle* I'm a mite obsessed.

I have a fairly healthy imagination, so I'm going to try not to think about it at all. Eep.

Arvedson does have the best groin. :D

See, playing with his groin is funny, but you can't beat Granato for all-out groin status. Watch as I flow-chart the groin statusiness of the two:

Avedson: Groin hurt. Plays with groin.
Frosberg: Might not be the groin. It is the groin. Non-groinal soreness. Cumming, er, coming from groin. Talked about groin at length. Compensating for groin.

Clearly, there is much more groin stati in Granato's account of Forsberg.

You have a point. By sheer groin volume, Forsberg would win out.

Hee, I voted for Forsberg because afterall, the status of his groin has been discussed at length by the medical staff.

That must be quite some groin he has!

...*shrieks* You just made me picture size :(

I suppose we could ask Markus!

Shh! Markus is familiar with only one groin! (Aside from his own)

Dude, Markus and Foppa will probably retire together when they go back to Sweden :)

Where they will be neighbours! Markus will live with Bert and Foppa will live with whoever can stand to fuck him. :P

If I come across an exciting groin condition, I'm keeping it to myself, dammit. :9

But but... hockey groins conditions should be shared! Learn from the coaches! :D

Also, go read my latest journal post for today (11/21) if you haven't yet. It pertains to this. :)

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