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Sharks stuff

So the Flames have Kiprusoff now. Take care of my grinning Finnish goaltender? *sniffle* I was expecting this to happen, and maybe a new place will be a fresh start for him and do him some good. He's a better goaltender than his stats indicate. *sighs*

I generally avoid doing any kind of analysis because I've only been following hockey for a little more than a full season, so I don't feel qualified to say anything. But then I hear what announcers say and they're full of shit, so I feel better. ;)

Next game for the Sharks is really important. Technically every game is just important since they're all worth the same number of points, but... we haven't won at home yet this season. We have three wins. Reflect on the suckitude of that for a while.

Okay. So the Rangers are beatable. They aren't a walkover or anything, but they're beatable. Now, I don't care if the refs call penalties on the Sharks for sneezing on Rangers and ignore shit done to us. I don't care of they score on us with flukes, or we get legit goals called off. There are no excuses. We have to win this game.

Wow, I feel all evangelical now or something.
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