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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sharks stuff

So the Flames have Kiprusoff now. Take care of my grinning Finnish goaltender? *sniffle* I was expecting this to happen, and maybe a new place will be a fresh start for him and do him some good. He's a better goaltender than his stats indicate. *sighs*

I generally avoid doing any kind of analysis because I've only been following hockey for a little more than a full season, so I don't feel qualified to say anything. But then I hear what announcers say and they're full of shit, so I feel better. ;)

Next game for the Sharks is really important. Technically every game is just important since they're all worth the same number of points, but... we haven't won at home yet this season. We have three wins. Reflect on the suckitude of that for a while.

Okay. So the Rangers are beatable. They aren't a walkover or anything, but they're beatable. Now, I don't care if the refs call penalties on the Sharks for sneezing on Rangers and ignore shit done to us. I don't care of they score on us with flukes, or we get legit goals called off. There are no excuses. We have to win this game.

Wow, I feel all evangelical now or something.

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hey, I didn't know you were a semi-newbie as well!! This is my second season of really being a hockey fan, and this season I'm just getting into NHL, last was mostly the local minor league team.

Anyway, GO SHARKS!! (I have to cheer for my teams NHL affiliate...at least against every team but Anaheim and Detriot *hides*)

Yep! In fact I never followed any sports at all until last year. *grin* It's cool that you have a team right in your city, though. I travel 1.5-2 hours each way to go to Sharks games. :P

Hehehe! No need to hide! I'm pretty positive to most of the teams in the NHL. :)

yeah, it certainly makes it easy to be able to walk to games! I will be up in SJ in December and January though, the 12/22 game and 1/19 game, Anaheim and Detroit respectively, lol. I'll be sporting the other teams jerseys so should be easy to find if you are making it to those.

Where do you live? I know Stockton is making large noises about an ECHL team in the next season or two...don't know if that will be closer to you or not though. Minor league hockey so SO fun!! You get to be so much closer to everything..cheaper seats, the players are way more accessible...just cool stuff.

Have fun at those games! They should be good ones. :) Are those personalized jerseys? Or just team jerseys?

I live in San Francisco, so Stockton is much closer to me than San Jose. I'll definitely have to check out a game if they get a team. :)

The Ducks one is just a general jersey, and the Wings one I'm *hoping* will be an auto'ed Stevie by then...I have a friend who knows someone...you know how that goes.and he's trying to hook me up with one. Hopefully he does! If not, I have my Falcons jersey I can wear....

Hopefully Stockton will get that team soon then, that would certainly make for some fun road trips..bakersfield to fresno to stockton!!

Ooh, I hope that you get the jersey autographed! That would be so awesome. :D I love Stevie. :)

I think everyone loves Stevie...how could you possibly not?!!?!?!? If I do get it....it will be posted on here with photos no doubt!

I know one person who doesn't like him, but she's a Fedorov fan. *grin*

*shakes head* You know I wuv you and normally I'm all about cheering on the Lesbian and the others, but not against my Rangers.

*points to icon* This is a cheap distraction ploy :)

*giggle* Understandable.

*squeals* A-Line! *dives at them*

:) We all have favourite teams and sometimes they even play each other *ggg*

Heeee! Well that worked very well *GRIN*

*roots for the sharks*

Do you think any of them want to hook and hold messier?

*cackles all evil like*

I don't know what that means, but it's vaguely upsetting! :P

*hugs* I loved Kipper on the Sharks too. Hee he's got this cute droopy dog face and whenever I'd see him on the bench I would get this image of him wearing a Hawaiian print t-shirt, flip flops and socks, on a lawn chair with zinc on his nose, a mini tv and a beer in hand. I've put a lot of thought in this yes? Hee

*shrieks* Patty! *covers icon* LOL!

Oh dude, I can so picture that!!! Maybe he does that in the summer. :)

We really need to beat the Rangers, yes. And they are totally beatable. Maybe now that Kipper is gone the goalies can focus more and become the walls I know they can be.

So need Strelow back.

The performance of the goalies and the performance of the rest of the team seems to be completely out of sync. :P

I am so nervous for tonight.

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