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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Blowing stuff up is fun

Chip is playing "The Thing", a computer game based on the movie, directed by John Carpenter. It's a first-person (or third-person) shooter, so it basically involves running around, shooting aliens and blowing things up. It's great!

I now know lots more about the Flyers, thanks to Flannery, Fi and Cheese Sandwich research. That really fed the Rennie plot bunny, which was supposed to be a cute little thing, but is now towering over me and gnashing its teeth viciously. (Damn, I shouldn't have watched that killer rabbit movie when I was a kid.)

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Did Flan ever type up those Rennie/Flyer articles? If she ever does, could you send them along my way? *squee*


I think she's going to photocopy them. We have a scanner at the office, so I could probably scan them in and use some OCR program to convert it into a text file. :)

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