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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Current events (yeah right, HOCKEY!)

About the LJ audio posts, they can be listened to with Winamp, among other players. Anything that will play Ogg Vorbis format. I transcribed the previous post, since I assume that at some point the space taken up on the server will have to be cleared. :P

Anyway, the "go Leafs go" chant started the third period, but all it did was encourage the Sharks and we scored on the power play. There were no more chants after that! Marco to Patty goal just makes me melt. It's like watching a sweet young couple take a walk in the park. *sighs happily*

Mats and AlMo are so fucking good. If either of them was touching the puck, I would be like, "shit shit shit" and if they were in our zone, I'd be like, "shitshitshitshitshit". In many ways last night's game was like the Blues game, though. Sharks not playing well, penalty calls leaning towards our side, scoring all our goals in the third period. Still waiting for our first home win, though. We get the Rangers next. We can beat them right? *weeps*

The Leafs PK is really good! I don't want to say surprisingly good, but umm, *coughs* Maybe they get lots of practice? (Hahaha) But their box is awesome. It looked very pretty from where I was sitting. :) Speaking of which, all four goals were scored right in front of us. I suppose that means that I should always sit on that end when we watch games because Sharks attack there first and third?

HNIC announcer think that Marian Hossa is the hottest man on the planet right now, and that Owen and Alyn are "bitter rivals". I love HNIC.

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mats an almo make me giddy :)

*licks marco adn patty* eeee *loves*

They're awesome! But when playing against us? Scary! *shudder*

They are so, so sweet. :)

so scary *nods*

eeee dude they make me happy when you talk about them *gg*

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