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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Happy birthday, arami and annapeace!!!

I'm watching the Rangers/Devils game (recorded) and Christian Berglund is wearing 17 and on the same line as Elias. The first time I noticed that, I expected to see a big guy wearing 25 on the ice, too. Then I realized it wasn't Petr and I was like *sniffle*

I watched Yotes/Stars last night and the Stars have so little confidence. :( They'd get opportunities and not finish. Whore had a bunch of good shifts and Mikey Mo had his moments, but he also had lapses. Even Smarco didn't look as confident. But confidence can be regained. They just need a few good games to get back on track. And most likely they'll be against us. *cries*

I've been playing Warcraft 3 recently (yeah, I'm about 2 years or more behind on computer games) and even though the gameplay isn't anything really special - it's like Warcraft blended with elements of Diablo - it's pretty fun. The 3D-ness of it is very pretty, and I like the story and in-game cut-scenes. I also like that the focus on fewer, stronger units. I never quite liked the old churn as many units out as possible because they'll die in 2 hits strategy. I'm an old woman now and I was never good at the super fast clicking thing anyway.

I'm going to the Leafs game tonight! *squeals madly*

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I was feeling similarly. "Wait! What's going on with that #17?" No one in the stands around me seemed to be confused in the same way, though.

Poor Patty. So many shots, and nothing goes in.

They've forgotten him already! *wails*

Aww, poor boy. His hair is looking good, though. :P

Oh, not forgotten... you still see Sykora jerseys around. And Arnott. I think other people just see games not on the radio more often and get more used to the numbers. Larionov still drives me nuts when he's playing on the radio, because I keep thinking that he's me.

Hmm, I've been watching some Devils games, but I don't recall Berglund and Elias being on the same line before yesterday. Of course I could be on crack. :P

You went to a good one! :D

Poor Petr :(
*HUGGLES* Thank you though for the wishes *squishes*

*huggles* Hope you had a great day. :)

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