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Happy birthday, arami and annapeace!!!

I'm watching the Rangers/Devils game (recorded) and Christian Berglund is wearing 17 and on the same line as Elias. The first time I noticed that, I expected to see a big guy wearing 25 on the ice, too. Then I realized it wasn't Petr and I was like *sniffle*

I watched Yotes/Stars last night and the Stars have so little confidence. :( They'd get opportunities and not finish. Whore had a bunch of good shifts and Mikey Mo had his moments, but he also had lapses. Even Smarco didn't look as confident. But confidence can be regained. They just need a few good games to get back on track. And most likely they'll be against us. *cries*

I've been playing Warcraft 3 recently (yeah, I'm about 2 years or more behind on computer games) and even though the gameplay isn't anything really special - it's like Warcraft blended with elements of Diablo - it's pretty fun. The 3D-ness of it is very pretty, and I like the story and in-game cut-scenes. I also like that the focus on fewer, stronger units. I never quite liked the old churn as many units out as possible because they'll die in 2 hits strategy. I'm an old woman now and I was never good at the super fast clicking thing anyway.

I'm going to the Leafs game tonight! *squeals madly*

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