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Could this really be the Sharks?

Oh flanneryflyer... Wayne Primeau went to both Disney Land and Disney World last summer, and gets accupuncture treatments. I love Shark Byte. :)

Last night was a great hockey night! It started out pretty sucky, with my two favourite teams being down three goals in the third period. joolzie and I were weeping at each other *giggle* but weeping turned to shrieking and squealing when unbelievably, both teams managed to tie it up.

Blues/Sharks was just another example of the difference between last season and this season. The refs were actually making calls tilted on our side last night! *BJ face* Seriously, last season I was happy when the refs were being fair to both teams. And to come back from 3-0 to tie a game? *blinks in disbelief* I think I may have been literally glowing with happiness. We lost in OT but to me, I think we won as soon as we hit OT. Small steps! :) *loves Marco*

As to the Tkachuk cross check on Davison... irregardless of whether it was a dive or not, here's the thing: the whistle had blown, there was no scrum in front of the net, and Tkachuk skated right over to Davison and cross checked him right in the face. You don't go out of your way to skate to someone and aim at their face to give them a little love tap.

Five power play goals for the Sens? *boggle* Four point night for Marian! If I'd know he was going to play, I might have recorded that game instead of the Canucks/Flyers one. OMG, what am I saying? *weeps*
Speaking of that, how bizarre is it that the lights went out? And why is the East Coast so windy right now? *giggle* I'm only up to that point in the game (I know the score already cos' glimpsed it while watching the Sharks game *grumbles* I tried to self-hypnotize to forget but it didn't work :P) so I can't really say much about it--Flyers looking good, though. :)

I'm going to watch the Leafs tomorrow!!! *pounces on Lira happily*
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