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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey Tonight!

Ack! I've been hockey-deprived since Sunday. Grr. But tonight there's Wings/Habs, and more importantly, Sharks/Oilers!!!

Was talking to Chip last night about being excited about various frala smut fics, and now he thinks I'm too far gone, so he's not going to try to have me committed anymore. *giggle*

Hmm, I wonder if Comrie will be petulant tonight and call someone "chickenshit" again. *dies laughing*

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Now if only they'd find our goalie and sign him ... then go get our defenseman and sign HIM ...

We're the only team with NO points now. Of course Dallas has played 5 games and we've played 2 ... but STILL!!!


Yeah, I don't know if I'm way off, but it seems like the team is demoralized by the Nabby, Stuey and Thorty not being around, which is significant, but it's like, that kind of thing should drive them to play harder, which they need to do if they want to win the Cup ...

I wonder if any other team has ever lost their goalie. Was it Belfour who went AWOL one time? *giggle*

Was it Belfour who went AWOL one time?

Probably. I wouldn't put it past him. *smirk*

*sings* I want my NabbyBackNabbyBackNabbyBack.

AWOL Belfour. *dies laughing*

*sighs* I want him back too, although Miikka and Vesa are holding down the fort. *hugs them*

Oooo! I'd forgotten about that. *snickers*
Add that to my list. Is it any wonder I despise the man?!

Kipper and Vesa will do fine, they need to get the feel of it, and they need some actual defense in front of them. I just worry about the playoffs - neither has any real playoff experience. *sigh*

Eek, you think Nabby's would really go back to Russia? *grumble* *mutter*

He wants to play not sit out all year like some goalies have done. I can understand that. But if he goes, he's gone for the season ...

I'd rather they just get him signed, personally. (yah I know, it's a concept)

Me too! *thinks happy Nabby thoughts*

But yeah, it makes more sense for him to play rather than sit out ... but it makes even more sense for him to play for us!!! *cries*



*Giggle* heee happy to ahve helped in the not getting chip to commit you campaign lol

petulant comrie!!

See, the thing is, he said he's just going to have me put down instead. *giggle* So I don't know if that's better.

Gah! The Natuzzi image is still in my head!

Awwww *punts chip* LOL!!

Hee spankerin!natuzzi

GC! *pets them*




*dies more*

He wasn't petulant tonight, but he was really good.

So were Anson, York and Janne. :)

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