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Two more years of Thorty (with possibly another!)

Thanks to tersa for this news: Thorty signs contract extension; Sharks interested in Comrie.

Very excited about the first thing and huh? about the second. :P

Why is it that the Ducklings only seem to beat the (few) teams I don't want them to? ;) The Ducks were finally looking like themselves again. I also like how supposedly JS was looking good last night according to the announcers but he was actually shaky to average. ;)

Petr seems to be very, umm, popular with his teammates. He scored the 5th goal in a 5-1 win, and all the guys on the ice mobbed him and pinned him against the glass as if he scored the OT game-winner. He seems to be greatly loved or something. *coughs*

Wings/Stars. Ugh. Aren't these supposed to be like really good teams or something? I mean, not that I should talk given that the Stars could very possibly sweep our series again, but the defense was like... are both teams missing Hatcher? ;)

My fever is gone and my tummy no longer hurts, although I haven't really tried to eat anything besides wheat toast. I want to stay in bed all day and watch TV but I suppose I should go to work. ;)
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