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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Two more years of Thorty (with possibly another!)

Thanks to tersa for this news: Thorty signs contract extension; Sharks interested in Comrie.

Very excited about the first thing and huh? about the second. :P

Why is it that the Ducklings only seem to beat the (few) teams I don't want them to? ;) The Ducks were finally looking like themselves again. I also like how supposedly JS was looking good last night according to the announcers but he was actually shaky to average. ;)

Petr seems to be very, umm, popular with his teammates. He scored the 5th goal in a 5-1 win, and all the guys on the ice mobbed him and pinned him against the glass as if he scored the OT game-winner. He seems to be greatly loved or something. *coughs*

Wings/Stars. Ugh. Aren't these supposed to be like really good teams or something? I mean, not that I should talk given that the Stars could very possibly sweep our series again, but the defense was like... are both teams missing Hatcher? ;)

My fever is gone and my tummy no longer hurts, although I haven't really tried to eat anything besides wheat toast. I want to stay in bed all day and watch TV but I suppose I should go to work. ;)

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*squishes Scott* Nice pic of him on tsn too. *nods*

*hugs you* Glad you feel better(ish)

Ooh I like that pic!

*hugs* Thanks! :)

*snuggles thorty* he just likes the warm weather there (it's snowing today and squally)

And Comrie has been linked to every team in teh league now. I say start the Cujo to Edmonton rumours. Lets see how comrie likes it not getting ice time in that line up.

He does! He mountain biked like 200 miles or whatever to Yosemite last year. :P

Well, Comrie is a whore after all. ;)

Ooh yes Mike, come to California where it will be much easier for me to get my hands on you and...um...well I don't want to say strangle...*laughs*

Petr's whoring himself out. *nods* That's why they all loves the Petr. ;)

And what's wrong with the Wings and the Stars? I happen to like less defensive games. But that's just me. *g*

LOL! The idea of Comrie playing for the Sharks is bizarre. But I thought that the idea of Alyn playing for us is bizarre too...

He must be doing something very special for them!

Less defensive = inept, which can be entertaining, but I don't expect these two teams to be inept.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Have a low-key day and then watch lots of hockey :)

Thanks! That sounds like a plan. *grin*

I missed all your sickness! Or, you told me, and I'm fairly absent minded and self absorbed. *grin* But I'm glad you're better.

Petr is a slut.

Maybe that means they'll play great for me?

Hehe, thanks. I think my sickness coincided with your internet disappearance. :P

He's cute!slut--stealth!slut is reserved for CS. :)

*squeals* That's right, you're going to tonight's game, eeeeeee!!! I'm not watching that game cos' Blues/Sharks is on at the same time. *pouts*

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