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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Signed, Alyn McCauley

Alyn spam from THN! Mostly for joolzie, but the rest of the HD cult might be interested. ;)

Alyn McCauley

Closet friends in the league?
"Kevyn Adams and Corey Schwab."

Favorite NHL city to visit on the road?
"Vancouver. The scenery is tremendous and there's just so much to do--you can go skiing, kayaking, golfing and fishing all in the same day."

What's the strangest superstition you've seen?
"When I played in Toronto, one guy loved to mix coffee and Coke together before a game. That'll keep you up for a few hours."

Ever been distracted by something on the jumbotron?
"I always get a kick out of the videos that show big hits. I like the 'fumbles and follies'-type videos a lot, too."

Worst third jersey in the league?
"It's a toss-up--the Predators and the Islanders. Both of them are equally horrendous."

All-time favorite movie?
"Tommy Boy. I think I've seen it 150 times."

Strangest piece of fan mail you've received?
"There's a lady in Japan who sends me stuff all the time, including a box of chocolate wafers. I didn't eat them, though--I figured they coudn't have arrived overnight."

Why does it make so much sense that Alyn would have an ardent Japanese fan? :)

*still glowing about Petr's OT goal and Thorty's two-goal night* Thorty accomplishment glows last for a long time. I might still be glowing about that next month.

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I used to mix coffee and Coke. No *wonder* I can't handle it anymore.

That sounds like it would kill me on the spot. Just Coke gives me a headache on days I don't have enough sleep.

Why are those two guys his friends? /I/ should be his friend. I can deliver him FRESH WAFERS.


I bet he likes Goofus and Gallant too.

I think I'l do that. I'll stalk him after a game and show up with fresh wafers. :P

*giggles* Coffee and coke. I heart Darcy.

Joolzie thinks it could be McCabe!

dude coffee and coke! *twitch*

If the isles and preds ever played each other in third jerseys... I dont know what would happen but it'd be bad!

Maybe they'd eliminate each other in a blinding flash of light.

Alyn is such a dweeb, but the funniest part is how he says dweeb things without a hint of humor to them, and that doesn't carry in print.

Alyn and Kevyn... they share a special bond - guys who's parents can't spell.

Enjoy a two-goal night from SHG as long as you possibly can, lol.

He once referred to himself as a kid as a "wee little lad"! *squee*

LOL! They're going to be hanging out with Britney Spears next.

You know, he once scored a hat trick. Teehee!

I rather like the Islanders jersey though...I would think it'd be a toss up between the Preds and the Bruins.

Tommy Boy!! I love that movie! *smushes Alyn*

Teddy bear!

I don't know. I don't really have a strong aversion to any of them. Not even the Stars one. :P

*squee!* McCauley is growing on me.

Y'know, he was interviewed in last month's "Sharks Magazine". He said if he wasn't playing hockey, he would probably be an accountant. *An accountant*?!

That other commenter was right: he's a big dweeb. But he's such a ky00t big dweeb.

Ha! He's like Thorty's soulmate or something. They could open up an accounting firm together when they retire.

As flanneryflyer said, Alyn would definitely be on her All-Star dork line: Alyn, Boyd Devereaux and Petr Sykora. :P

(Deleted comment)
I know, he's really something isn't he? *hugs him*

*squee* And it is Darcy, that drinks coffee and coke *twitch* nasty.

And when Kevyn Adams came up form the farm he stayed with Alyn, and Alyn was all "oh yeah, he sleeps in the garage, but we let him use the laundry and the bounce"

*squishes him* such a dork!

He talked about Darcy, but didn't name him! Aww!!!

That is just way too cute!!! *loves Alyn*

Coffee and Coke, you say?

Hmmmm.... Wonder if Diet Coke would work?

*drools and goes off in search of MASS QUANTITIES of caffeine*

Re: Coffee and Coke, you say?

Ewwwwwwww!!! :P

My sis was asked by her prof who her favorite athletes were and she put down Hull, Modano, Tucker, and Alyn merely b/c of the slash I have forced her to read.

LOL! What Hully Mo did she read?

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