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Signed, Alyn McCauley

Alyn spam from THN! Mostly for joolzie, but the rest of the HD cult might be interested. ;)

Alyn McCauley

Closet friends in the league?
"Kevyn Adams and Corey Schwab."

Favorite NHL city to visit on the road?
"Vancouver. The scenery is tremendous and there's just so much to do--you can go skiing, kayaking, golfing and fishing all in the same day."

What's the strangest superstition you've seen?
"When I played in Toronto, one guy loved to mix coffee and Coke together before a game. That'll keep you up for a few hours."

Ever been distracted by something on the jumbotron?
"I always get a kick out of the videos that show big hits. I like the 'fumbles and follies'-type videos a lot, too."

Worst third jersey in the league?
"It's a toss-up--the Predators and the Islanders. Both of them are equally horrendous."

All-time favorite movie?
"Tommy Boy. I think I've seen it 150 times."

Strangest piece of fan mail you've received?
"There's a lady in Japan who sends me stuff all the time, including a box of chocolate wafers. I didn't eat them, though--I figured they coudn't have arrived overnight."

Why does it make so much sense that Alyn would have an ardent Japanese fan? :)

*still glowing about Petr's OT goal and Thorty's two-goal night* Thorty accomplishment glows last for a long time. I might still be glowing about that next month.
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