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Hockey hockey hockey!

Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of OT so far this season? Maybe that's just because I follow the Sharks. I think we've had more OT than non-OT games. :P

All I have to say is Petr Petr Petr!!! Okay that's not all I have to say. Damn he was so great, he didn't do all the stupid crap that makes me mad at him and he got so many good shots off and.... ahh his teammates all mobbed him after the game and *squee* and JS has a win he was so good and I didn't want him to be screwed again.

There was an interview with him at the intermission. I don't think I remember what he said at all. *dreamy sigh*

Announcers do so much more slashing than we do:
"JS is sitting on his rear end with his legs spread open."
"Rucchin thinks I'll just shovel it back in."
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