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I feel a great weight lifted from me...

I cut off thirteen inches of hair! This is one of the best proofs that I am a lazy ass. I was just too lazy to cut my hair for... a year. Good thing is that I have a ponytail of hair ready for donation to Locks of Love. (Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children across the U.S. under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss.)

Sharks won tonight! Alyn and Cheech both scored. In fact they're tied for leading goal scorer on the team. :D *winks at two people in particular* Lesbian scored too. :D So I know we almost blew it again and were pretty much unable to clear the zone all night and only scored two of the three goals from unforced turnovers, but... it's still a win!

And as proof that things are turned around from last season, that tying goal that was called off because it was kicked in? Well it would have been allowed last season I think. Doesn't matter that it was obvious that it was kicked. It would have been allowed. Not that there was some conspiracy or cosmic alignment or anything, but that was just the "feel" back then.

Pretty pretty Mats and AlMo goal. :D Yay for Canucks!

Yay for Ducklings getting a point. :P JS was really good. I mean he's been good in all the games except the Bruins game. It's just that the team D takes a break or whatever when he's in goal?

Oh and Petr played well tonight too. Announcers called him a "one man wrecking ball" (I think they meant crew) because he was single-handedly keeping the puck in the Yotes zone. And then Petr roughed someone. He was really pissed off because the guy cross checked him in the back three times while he was down and started shoving him around and got his helmet knocked off and jersey pulled over his head. The linesman helped him pull the jersey back down over his head then escorted him to the penalty box. :P He was all sonic the hedgehog and the blonde highlights were on display. *swoons*
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