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So much love!

I'm reading an old issue of The Hockey News and I came across a Natuzzi bit that made me feel all warm and fuzzy, in a both slashy and non-slashy way. :P

Natuzzi Spam
The two have formed one of the league's tightest partnerships. They understand each other so well it's not uncommon to see them talking angrily to each other on the bench, pushing each other to be more aware of where the other is on the ice, something they feel should come naturally by now.

"We understand that during the game it's going to get heated and we have to understand sometimes you've got to take a back seat and listen and understand where he's coming from and vice versa," Bertuzzi says. "The best part about it, there's no grudges. We can get in an argument on the bench and right after the game we're back to just me and Markus."

I watched Blade 2 last night. It was a lot better than I expected it to be, I guess because I expected it to be awful. :P I do have a question, though. If Blade knew that his tech guy was a traitor, why didn't he do anything about it earlier? Also why didn't he just go ahead and blow up the vampire (hello, more dangerous than tech guy) if he'd replaced the dud bomb with a real bomb instead of going along with pretending it was dud bomb. Also... Hmm. Well, my brain was kicked into neutral for the whole movie, but that did stand out as being particularly nonsensical.
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