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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty Thorty Thorty!

*explodes with joy*

Thorty scored two goals tonight! *tackles him* Ahh, and Cheech scored too!!! *loves him* I was so scared when he went down in the first! I was like nooooooo we can't lose him! But then he came back and scored! *heart swells*

Man oh man did we sux0r tonight, though. Vesa so kept us in the game at all. *nods* It's a good thing for us that Potvin kind of sux0r3d too. I'm not sure who sux0red more--us or him. I guess it's a tie. *grin* But see, a game like this makes me happy, because we were lucky and got a point! We pretty much never got lucky last season!

Man did we sux0r. But Thorty scored twice and that makes me so happy! *rolls around*

I listened to the Stars game and there were interesting things said! "Turco falls to his knees and spits it back out at him." and "Arnott does the Texas lapdance on DiPietro". Images! :P

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I didn't start watching the game until the second period, so I MISSED Thorty's first goal, but, yes, I think Potvin sux0ring was the only reason we tied that game. I was listening to the game prior to watching it, and even after only a few minutes, was horrified to realize that the ice was seriously tilted towards Toskala. It was only a matter of time, really, when Boston's awesome goal scorers, well, scored.

Our defense sucks, except Stuey and Hannan. Thank gods for our goaltending. And god bless sievalicious goalies.

It was all pretty too! Very nice tip in. :) I know the first goal was all Potvin sux0ring because Niko's shot wasn't fast and there was no traffic. The rest I'll give to him because he made some good saves on tough shots to balance out.

The SOG was like 20-7 in the first period? *weeps*

I'm afraid to look at what the final shot totals are, but the Sharks had 4 goals on 12 shots, and I think Boston was already up to 36 for their 4.

And I know Boston had *50* by the *end of regulation*. I would be surprised if we hit 20.

So much for outshooting our opponents like we had been!

52-23. We must have really picked it up at the end of the game. *grin*


"Turco falls to his knees and spits it back out at him."
bwahahaha now we know Smarco!

*loves him so much*

Goalies have such interesting preferences!

heee first naked stetching, now spitting, we find somehting new about him ALL the time ;D

"Arnott does the Texas lapdance on DiPietro". Images! :P

Yeah, the image of Arnie in chaps and tassels.

...I'm going to go wash out my brain now.

That was not the image I was thinking of! *weeps*

Augh! Unclean image! Unclean!

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