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Need sleep badly

Happy birthday, James. :)

Ugh. So tired today. Even more tired and confused and incoherent than I was yesterday. Must... sleep... but first! Hockey talk! :D

Watched Sharks/Devils. Was amazed by ability of Sharks to make the Devils look lively in the first period. Puck gets lost somewhere on Nabby. Ref frisks him. Sharks announcers express concern at feeling violated. Madden pokes stick around pointlessly in net. Langenbrunner pokes stick at Nabby pointlessly. Nabby ignores Langenbrunner's poking. Brodeur jerks when shot heads his way. Brodeur must have fallen asleep.

Second period. Stevenson scores. Despondent. Will consider game successful if (Sharks) goal can be scored. Third period. Korolyuk scores goal. Korolyuk must have been sick of getting hit 2487573893 times. Happy with game now that modest hope of scoring goal has been fulfilled. Devils score another. Still happy and content. Thorty scores OMG OMG OMG Thorty scored a GTG *shrieks* Sharks manage not to blow game in final two minutes. Sharks instead blow game in overtime. Still happy and victorious that we got a point.

Yay Canucks win. Yay they came from behind. Natuzzison goal! *loves* Mattress line goal. *reserved enthusiasm*

Unforgiven rocks. The Shipping News kind of sucks.
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