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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hello, and what is the condition of your groin?

Subject is courtesy of kennedyluff courtesy of me.

I wanted to see major Sens ownage. Instead there was Isles ownage. Except that it was ownage of just Lalime for the most part. Fucker. I'm disturbed that I'm more annoyed at him letting in softies than my own goalie letting in a goal from beyond the red line. Lowered expectations, blah blah blah. Marty tapped some Isle on the back of the calf and got called for slashing. It was even wimpier than Petr's gentle hug holding call. The Sportsnet announcers mockingly referred to it as a "vicious attack that will be talked about for years to come". I love them.

Instead, to make up for it, there was Canucks ownage! All of Natuzzison scored, with requisite pomp and circumstance! Poor Manny just looked more and more fearful as the game went on. That second King goal was more intimidation than anything. :( Cloutier looked great again.

Happy birthday, adgy! This is a little something for you...

Q & A

Jesse kisses Tulip and tastes snow and bullets with a twist of redemption; Tulip kisses him back, her tongue lingering on brimstone and steel wrapped up in leather.

Jesse traces nonsense with his fingers on Tulip's delicate skin; Tulip plants wet kisses on skin five years older than she remembers it.

Jesse marvels at how Tulip can make things better by just being; Tulip wonders how Jesse could ever have left when he can barely let go of her now.

Then they stop thinking and stop questioning and stop reliving, and they realize the answers aren't important at all.

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Red line ones are hard to stop. Generally they bounce/skid or you misjduge them b/c they seem so easy.

Do you still have CS butt pic? I wanted to show Dev.

Dev says nighty night, btw.

It's the one with Darcy in towels shaving (each other). If only. :P

ooooohhh *giggles* then I have that :D I was gonna buy that book a few weeks ago to get that pic with no marks on it *giggles*

*squeaks* It's the one with McCabe(?) being mounted and everyone smiling about it too!

You know, he's lying on his back on a table and the trainer is lifting one of his legs up and pressed hard against his body and some other Leaf is standing and watching and all three are smiling and laughing?

duuude I so don't have that pic *dies*

Bwahaha, it's fucking awesome! Ask Neo for it. I'll check but I don't think I have it anymore.

*makes note* I shall ask her. thanks!!!

I IMed her with it, but she's away right now. *cuddles her*

LOL! Sorry, wasn't thinking. :P IMed you with it too.

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