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#19 captains

I think I'm becoming addicted to frozen dinners. *shamefaced* They're just so easy and fast and... *so lazy*

So much hockey! *delirious* Center Ice is so killing me. :P

There are (at least) six captains in the NHL with the number 19. Do you know them all off-hand? Yzerman (Wings), Sakic, (Avs), Naslund (Canucks), Thornton (Bruins), Doan (Coyotes), McEachern (Thrashers). I don't know why, but that just tickles me. They should all be slashed, LOL!

fetisha and I have decided that Jason Arnott's alternate nickname (given that he's married, Whore is slightly inappropriate) should be J. Lo, which refers to both Jason Down Low and also his big ass. But Smarco still rules all.

Didn't watch Dallas game but sounds like it was a fun one. :P All of "my" teams played badly today. Especially the Leafs. *peers at them* *whispers* Clear the zone. Tellqvist (baby Mikael!) was quite good. They won anyway. *kisses AlMo* I love him. :P

Ducklings looked tiredish, didn't work, not great in their own zone blah blah blah. Petr has been surprisingly unlazy. Maybe he's inspired by Whore. He got called for holding in the third, which was more like a gentle hug, and Hawks converted on that PP. I find it funny he gets called for that and not for all the times he water-skis, like he just hooks on to the guy with the puck and leans back it's that blatant, he doesn't get called. He got involved in a scrum and Moen punched him in the face. He then complained bitterly to the ref and Moen got a penalty! He's good at drawing penalties. *dreamy sigh*

Sharks looked not that great, but they made me so happy because they didn't fall apart! They didn't sag after the goal scored with 5 minutes left in the third, in fact they picked up and actually managed to tie the game! And they didn't lose in OT either. This is so not what would have happened last season. Their attitude is realy different now and even though their record is crappier than it was last season at this time (I think), I don't have that feeling of despondency I did back then. Hee, Ilya got flipped over by a hit from Davison, then giggled about it on the bench afterwards. I thought it was cute *shamefaced*

Stuff I watched yesterday... hmm, my memory isn't so good so let's see what I can say about it. Yes! Sharks kick ass on non-televised game. *scowls* Alyn's first hat trick and I didn't get to see it! *sniffle* *loves him so much* Wings/Oilers. Wow I thought I understood crappy defensive coverage but that was stunning. Made for an entertaining game though? I fucking died during Ryan Smyth's segment where he talks about "preparing his stick". Like I don't really particularly like him, but I had to archive that segment. I mean, the guy talks about other guys lifting his stick and going whoa this is heavy, and about preferring thicker blades, etc etc.

I was somewhat traumatized by one of the commercials during Leafs/Canes. It's a couple of trainers I think and one of them talks about how the two of them are this "great love affair" and opposites attract and they really complement each other. Then the camera pans down to his crotch for no reason.

Two great games tomorrow! Oh dear, I just referred to Sens/Isles as a great game. *weeps*

Do we really have to play the Devils on Wednesday? *cries*
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