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Doan interview

Last night's interview with Shane Doan, wherein he expresses his love for Bertuzzi. Transcribed for certainthings.

You know, he's a great player, the last two or three years he's really established himself and obviously it's something that in the past I've been compared to him in the few years ago, but in the last couple of years he's really elevated his game and I need to elevate mine in order to try to get into that league.

He's my favourite player to watch and uhh as a player there's not too many guys in the league that you enjoy watching, but if you're going through the channels and you happen to see Vancouver's playing; I love watching him and Naslund play and the way he plays: he's so strong and yet he can handle the puck so well and create so much offensively. He's uhh, he's an elite player.

So much love. :D

I really love the shirt Mo wore fishing on Cool Shots that says, "Women want me, fish fear me". :D

Alyn two goals! *squeaks*

[Edit: Alyn hat trick!!! Why the fuck am I not getting this game? *weeps*]
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