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That went in?

If anyone was wondering where the real Dan Cloutier disappeared to yesterday, just check out the center ice goal Nabby let in. *grin* *weeps* No offense to Cloutier--he can be insanely good, just sometimes he's dumbfounding. :P

I'm actually pretty proud of the Sharks. If there's anything we're good at, it's breaking streaks and providing milestones! (Occasionally both in one game, where we gave Brett his 700th and snapped the Wings winningless streak in January) It would be nice if we didn't break so many losing streaks though. ;)

I like Nils Ekman way too much for having no idea what he looks like and barely knowing his number. Alyn rocks. I don't know if I'm being overly hopeful, but... I didn't actually think the Sharks were too awful against the Canes or Bolts. I didn't see the utter and complete collapse I'd see a lot last season. Such low standards, lol! *weeps again*

Panthers/Sens: I was looking for Martian love and found Spezza/Alfredsson love instead. I'm embarrassed to admit I wanted to hug Alfie after he got speared. He looked as miserable as a sick puppy.

Canucks/Kings: As much as I like the Canucks, I really thought the Kings deserved to win this one. They were in the Canucks zone most of the time and for one of the power plays they were able to keep the puck in the zone for the whole two minutes. I was surprised they couldn't convert on that one. Canucks D was great at blocking shots and tying up guys though, and Cloutier was great. Cechmanek probably shouldn't have let that second goal in (Daniel's?). Oh well, such is hockey. I missed Mo's goal. :( I'm distressed that I like the mattress line.
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