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This post thanks to Kennedy. Really, thanks.

I'm up about 2 hours earliers than I should be, and couldn't get to sleep right away, so I browsed my friends list a bit, and in kennedyluff's LJ, I found Staios. It was a bit like finding God, in that if I found God, I would also not be able to go back to sleep.

And that is why I'm posting now. *weeps*

I watched half of the Sharks/Canes game last night. I already knew the score and what happened so I didn't feel the burning desire to watch the game immediately upon coming home on Tuesday. The Sharks were actually not awful until Thorty got hit and went insane, which is where I watched up until. Our announcers are like an old married couple and I treat them as such, if just for the sake of my sanity so I can handle hearing things like, "You are my announcer of the week."

Also, I was entertained when Reech was standing around bleeding from two cuts (because I love watching people bleed, muahaha! Err, no) and Drew says, "Reech is bleeding," Randy responds, "What else is new?" and then they use the white spotlight thing, which they use to highlight players as they describe a play, and use it to highlight the cuts on his face.

I caught both Ducklings games against the Rangers and the Caps. There was gratuitous Petr thigh (I am told) because of his unzipped hockey pants but I barely noticed because I was too focused on his dorky skating and *gasp* diligent backchecking without using the water-ski technique!

During the Caps game, he collided thunderously (for him) with someone while trying to negate icing. The boards reverberated throughout the arena with the sheer might of his hit. Then he collapsed onto the ice (the hittee seemed fine) and lay there for 20 seconds. Caps announcer took this time to talk about how much he liked Petr, blah blah blah, as Petr finally picked himself up and skated back to the bench, yapping fiercely at Vinny Prospal, who started yapping to himself (I guess, since there was nobody in the direction he was talking).

Speaking of Petr, apparently Whore was awesome in last night's game and won it in OT. *loves* Also he seems to have lost weight everywhere except his ass.

Speaking of Whore, Guerin and Weight are soinlove that they both have to score hat tricks together.

Speaking of soinlove, poor Teemu. Yeah right, he and Paul will be rehabiliting together, I'm sure. It's all part of their master plan and they've clearly sold their souls to the Devil. Otherwise, why would they be playing for the Avs? (The Devils aren't the Devil's team - he works in subtle ways, or something like that.)

One Tree Hill is so fucking awesome in the manner of incredibly bad fic that makes no sense and has horrifically enjoyable phrases describing body parts with bodice ripper language. The characters are stereotypes, the plotlines are ludicrous, the interactions are contrived and wholly unbelievable and one of the "teenagers" is 28. I swear to God. The woman has as many wrinkles around her eyes as an Aussie. Which wouldn't be so bad except that I think the kid who plays her boyfriend actually is in the vicinity of 18.

Can't wait for next week's episode. :P
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