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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

Scary Eurofags

It's a bit scary when the Sens can play well for ten minutes out of sixty and win a game 5-1. Also, Alfredsson knows that when you're coming with Spezza, you come late? What is that? That's not very complimentary to Spezza, is it? Maybe he just needs practice. :) *steadfastly ignores Havlat/Spezza talk* *knows that Martian love is true*

I screwed up and taped the blacked out channel of the Sharks game. :( Umm, I'm glad we got a point? *cheers wildly for Leafs*

SDQ, I'm really, really sorry, but I reflexively deleted the game when it ended. *shamefaced* I'll get the next one for you.

Bernie, my sweet, you are very welcome to my bed and we shall watch hockey together all weekend. Because a pair of really tall, curly-haired Wings defensemen are not doing anything.

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It's a bit scary when the Sens can play well for ten minutes out of sixty and win a game 5-1

*Shakes head* It's so freaking sad how bad the Caps are. It's painful. You should see all the "inside the Caps" articles every morning... they're all so desperate and sad. It's one of those Damn I feel their pain!

My friend is/was a diehard Caps fan and she says it's never been so hard to love a team as it is now. It was easier when they didn't make the playoffs.

We're pretty bad too, but it's a mellow kind of sadness. I'm glad we don't have any superstars, actually.

Aww, I understand that. *sighs* I know you guys like him, but I think they need another coach. :(

Haha he's a HORRIBLE coach.

Pantelones and coaching are so very different. I don't give two peas if he's fired. As long as he's still in my pants ;)

*curls up on bed with Mae*

I have sat. night off work, beer, pizza, ice-cream and two very uncooperative baby players.

*snuggles and watches Leafs*

That sounds fun. :) We can discuss Antropov's hair together.

what is the line of a mullet anyway? I am keeping a close eye on things. Ask Frala, Almo used to have afro hair going, he may be of no help in making Nik have sensible hair.

Almo had an afro? But he's supposed to be one of the sensible Russians! Not the ones who wear socks with the ends cut off on their heads!

I think Antropov looks okay right now, but it doesn't take long for things to go horribly horribly wrong, and then you have Daniel Alfredsson.

Spezza is not just A teamwhore, he's THE teamwhore. (I could put in so many scoring jokes there, but I won't.)

Do you get the Sens-Habs game? There would be brotherly love!

He just has that whorishness about him, doesn't he?

I do! I was thinking of watching Caps/Leafs instead, but Sens/Habs seems like it would be the more interesting game ...

Eee, there would be! *must record*

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